Heiko Luikenga, EMS Shipping und schon wieder will man elektronische Kassen System einführen

Alles Show, wie die angebliche Justiz Reform, wo die Dümmsten Super Jobs erheilten und Reise Spesen ohne Ende.

Jetzt wollen die Albaner nochmal das Elektronische Kassen System einführen, haben angeblich kein Geld und ein dummer Botschafter, die KfW, EU Banken werden dann neue Millionen geben, obwohl das System durchaus in Funktion schon 2008 war und ca. 2007 eingeführt wurde. Nur die Kosovo Mafia, ignorierte das man auch Steuern zahlen muss, und viele illegale Küsten Lokale, Hotels, Appartment Blocks. Wie beim Militär, der Digitalisierung, will man Industrie Betrugs Müll wieder einmal verkaufen.

EMS Shipping ein verrücktes Projekt, denn nicht einmal die Apulische Mafia (Sacra Corona Unita) wollten eine Lizenz dort, und erst kaufte man sich eine Genehmigung, dann gründete man die Firma (natürlich mit Mafia Beteiligung, wie rund um die Flugplatz Sicherheit). Die Profi korrupte Lobby Verein, DAW mit Herrn Müller war natürlich auch dabei.

Heiko Luikenga, weigerte sich von Beginn an, seriös eine Lizenz zu erwerben. Erst kam der Gewinn der Lizenz, dann Pro Forma die Ausschreibung mit dem Partner. P. Ndreu, damals Hafen Direktor. Sokol Ollashi, der eliminierte Minister (nicht als sehr intelligent bekannt und ohne höheren Schul Abschluß, wurde später eliminiert im November 2013, wo es um identische Geschäfte mit der Elbasan Mafia ging). Von dem Profi Bestechungs Banden des Herrn Mülller der DAW, Deutsch Albanische Wirtschafts Gesellschaft, mit Vorsatz falsch beraten. welche ein Massengrab an Investoren Firmen aus Deutschland produziert mit Deutschen Steuergeldern. Selbst die Telekom verkaufte Alles nun sehr schnell in Albanien.

A German ex-jail bird grabs a terminal concession in Albanian port of Durres

12/03/2014 – 19:57

Durres, 28 february 2014 – The economic growth of the impoverished Albania was heavily based on easy term credits and outright grants as well as the remittances of the Albanian migrant workers (one fifth of the population). The economic crises caused a drying down of grants a easy term loans and a shrinking of the remittance money. FDI(Foreign Direct Investments) REMAINED THE ONLY WAY OUT. The previous government of the right wing Premier Mr. Berisha tried to attract foreign entrepreneurs by privatizing the last slices of the public strategic sector using especially the concessions. Unfortunately in most of the cases such foreign entrepreneurs used to have problems with the law in their mother country or in other countries, where they had  had their previous investments. In some cases they were simply ex jail birds, spending stints in prison for a variety of crimes and felonies ranging from commercial fraud to attempted murder, gun smuggling or supporting of terrorism.

A case at issue is the story of Mr. Heiko Luikenga a German businessman, whose company “EMS Shipping and Trading GMBH” was awarded the concession of East Terminal in Durres, the main port of Albania. In the last months of the right wing Berisha government he managed to grab such a concession.

Precisely on May 9, 2013 a letter number 2091/3 bearing the signature of the deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Works and Transports ordered the Durres Port Authority to  to hand over the East Terminal to the German Company owned by Mr. Luikenga as per concession contract of operation, management and maintenance of the said terminal. The contract was valid fromMay 6, 2013.  The whole procedure was not a simple violation of the Albanian law. No the law was simply trampled underfoot. Anyway we are not going into detail in the violation of the Albanian law in this article. We are concerned at who is Mr. Haeiko Luikenga. Consulting open sources of information we stumbled on a breath taking evidence. Mr. Luikenga was one of nine (Polish, German and American) defendants in a a case of international gun smuggling. By late 1991 American custom officers managed to uncover a ring of international gun smugglers. The ring was made of 6 top polish ex communist bosses including two former deputy ministers and a three star general of the Armed Forces of the People’s republic of Poland, two American citizens and our Mr. Luikenga a German citizen. The American custom officers using a sting operation accused them of signing a deal to ship to Saddam Hussein government 4 000 grenade launchers,1 000 portable antiaircraft missiles and 73 000 assault rifles worth 96 million USD. They also promised to supply in the future uranium, bomb triggers even nuclear bombs.

The smuggling ring part of which was Mr. Luikenga also smuggled into USA 100 pieces of AK 47 assault rifles, from Bulgaria via Rotterdam to New York for a payment of 43 000 USD.

The United State District Court E.D. covered the case of the international ring of gun runners, including Mr. Haeiko Luikenga  from 1992 to 1993. The case was reported by American media, as for instance on Los Angeles Times on March 28, 1992. Phill  Williams in his book: Russian Organized Crime New Threat mention this case and specifically the name of Mr. Luikenga,too. This gun running was no fitrst time for Mr. Haeiko Luikenga. He was involved in gun running instances during the eighties, sailing ships loaded with weapons in Egyptian and Pakistani harbors.

It is strange that a country like Albanian with already porous borders hands over such a terminal to an ex gunrunner, whose offshore company called Anchor Navigation INC (Nevis) Helm Master Shipping Corp registered in Liberia and controlled by EMS Shipping and Trading GMBH, ia also suspected of foul play, too.(see: http://allhonourablemen.blogspot.com/2012/10/sheltering-i.htm). This concession  becomes even more suspicious as EMS Shipping and Trading GMBH does not simply own the concession ,but  it also wholly or partially owns or controls the stevedore company operating at the terminal, the shipping company, the forwarding company and the customs agent company operating at the East Terminal . naturally less eyes to see what is happening at the terminal, less ears to hear and less suspicious noses to poke at the activities of the terminal. Yet Albania is a NATO member country bearing certain obligations towards collective security not just her own security. And the East Terminal concession is run by an ex gun smuggler and an ex jail bird!

The German embassy at Tirana (the capital city of Albania), has wholeheartedly backed such a German investment at Durres Port. Mr. Ernst Burghbacher Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology (2009 to 2013) and Mr. Helmut Hoffmann the German Ambassador  in Albania visiting Durres Port on Oct. 3rd in their speeches praised the operation of the German companies in Durres Port and pledged the support of German state to these companies. On Jan.22nd 2014 the DIHA (an NGO representing the interest of the German business in Albania) deputy chairman Mr. Jens Strober (an employee of Mr.Luikenga) handed over a letter of intent to Mr. Arben Ahmetaj the Albanian Minister of Trade economic development and entrepreneurship. Mr. Niko Peleshi deputy Prime Minister of Albania and Mr. Damian Gjiknuri  the Albanian Minister of Industry and Energy were present, too. The letter stressed the fact that the German side would like to back(support) Albania in order to improve its image and to attract foreign investments, but the experience of the already German investments in Albania remains of paramount importance in this direction.

The economic damage caused to the Albanian public interest and the revenue Albanian state loses due to such a concession are not included in our article. It will be part of a second article. Only the security concern and anxiety is displayed in our article.

/portali DurresLajm/

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    1. Die Griechen liessen einen Container aus Eduador weiter befördern mit Kokain in den Hafen Durres, wo die Deutsche EMS mit ihren kriminellen Partnern zuständig ist für Container.

      3 Personen aus der Hafen Sicherheit wurden festgenommen, darunter der Chef für die Container Bewegung und Güter des Hafens, welche Container in den frühen Morgenstunden öffneten.

      Alles unter Kontrolle von Kriminellen in Durres, was an Arber Cekaj erinnert und sein Kokain Verteil und Import Imperium von Bananen und Kokain. AAlternativ ist die Hamburger SPD, Albaner Verbindung der zweite Kokain Import Weg von Kokain.

      Klement Balili – Ilir Meta – Arben Ahmeti, Florian Koka: Hintergrund: Koco Kokedhima

      U nisën nga Ekuadori, 2 kontenierë 1 javë në portin e Durrësit, dyshohet se kanë kokainë! Ndalohen 3 punonjës të portit

      Prej mëse një jave në portin e Durrës janë në vëzhgim dy kontenierë që vinin nga porti i Pireut, Greqi, brenda së cilës dyshohet se është ngarkuar një sasi e konsiderueshme kokaine. Referuar CNN grek, dy kontenierët kishin 45 kg e 801 gr kokainë, por janë lënë të lirë nga autoritetet greke për të shkuar në Durrës për të mësuar se kujt i përkiste kjo sasi droge. Vetëm tre ditë pas mbërritjes në Shqipëri, i janë afruar kontenierëve 3 persona. Personat e ndaluar janë punonjës të sigurisë portuale në Portin e Durrësit.

      Redaksia 26 Shtator, 16:56 | Përditesimi i fundit: 26 Shtator, 18:28

      DURRËS-Policia greke ka zbuluar dy konteinerë që dyshohet se përmbanin kokainë dhe do të niseshin nga Porti i Pireut, Greqi për në portin e Durrësit, Shqipëri. Në një operacion të përbashkët, pala greke ka informuar atë shqiptare, që dy kontenierë brenda së cilëve është gjetur 45 kg e 801 gr kokainë, kanë dalë nga dogana dhe janë nisur drejt Durrësit, ku i ka kërkuar që ta mbanin gjatë gjithë kohës në kontroll, por të lejonin lëvizjen e tyre lirshëm, për të zbuluar se në duart e kujt do të shkonte kjo sasi droge.

      Referuar CNN grek, në datën 14 shtator 2019 dy kontenierët kanë lënë doganën greke dhe kanë mbërritur në Durrës në datën 17 shtator. Prej një jave, ai ka qenë në vëzhgim nga autoritetet shqiptare, ku në datën 20 shtator, pra vetëm 3 ditë pas mbërritjes në Shqipëri, rreth orës 4:00- 4:30 të mëngjesit, janë afruar kontenierit tre persona, të cilët kur kanë kuptuar se u pikasën, tentuan që të largoheshin. Megjithatë, kjo tentativë ka rezultuar e dështuar.

      Burime për Report Tv bëjnë me dije se personat e ndaluar janë punonjës të sigurisë portuale në Portin e Durrësit. Njëri prej tyre, referuar po të njëjtave burime, ka qenë shefi i turnit që merrej me kontrollin e kalimit të ngarkesave. Nuk dihet identiteti i tyre, teksa mësohet se vijojnë hetimet për të mësuar se cila është lidhja që ato mund të kenë sasinë e drogës.

      Kontenieri është nisur nga Ekuadori, i ngarkuar me banane, më pas është ndalur në Portin e Pireut për të mbërritur në Durrës. Operacioni do të finalizohet nesër ku dhe do të hapen dy konteinerët.

      Shkrimi në CNN grek

      Rendit zhvillimet sipas orarit:

      Ora 18:04
      FOTO/ Ky është kontenieri i dyshuar me drogë, që prej një jave ndodhet në portin e Durrësit

      Shqiptarja.com ka siguruar foton e kontenierit ku dyshohet se është ngarkuar një sasi droge, e shkrepur në portin e Pireut, Greqi. Ky kontenier është në vëzhgim prej mëse një jave nga autoritetet shqiptare, ku nesër do të finalizohet operacioni dhe do të hapet. Gjithçka ka qenë një operacion i përbashkët mes policisë greke dhe shqiptare, për të mësuar se kujt i përket kjo sasi, ku CNN grek flet për 45 kg e 801 gr kokainë.





    2. Die grosse Polizei Aktion, auch im Hafen Durres, wegen dem Containier Schmuggel aller Art und 20 Durres Ex-Grundstücks Direktoren wurden verhaftet, ein von der KFW, dem Deutschen Lobby Verein DAW, gespónsertes Profi kriminelles System

      Die Deutsche Firma EMS, ein kriminelles Enterprise, von der Top Mafia kontrolliert und schon sehr lange

      MEGAOPERACIONI në Kadastrën e Durrësit, me FOTO: Kush janë zyrtarët e arrestuar që abuzuan me pronat
      Publikuar tek: aktualitet, më 12:29 25-10-2019

      Operacioni ‘’Rodon’’ çoi në arrestimin e 18 personave për tjetërsim të pronave në Durrës. Kjo, pasi dyshohet se ata kanë falsifikuar dokumenta duke shpërdoruar detyrën.

      Ish-drejtorë dhe zyrtarë të Hipotekës së Durrësit, ish-kryetar komune etj akuzohen se kanë përfituar shuma të mëdha parash duke falsifikuar dokumentat e pronave në zonën e Ishmit. Po ahstu në kërkim është shpallur një administrator i një shoqërie private dhe 2 përfitues toke.

      Newsbomb.al sjell më poshtë me foto 5 prej të ndaluarve:

      1-Ardian Iljazaj

      2-Edlira Nova

      3-Sulejman Ibrahimi

      4-Bledar Zerba

      5-Delis Kapxhiu

      18 zyrtarët që u arrestuan janë:

      Ardian Iljazaj
      Edlira Nova
      Sulejman Ibrahimi
      Gjergj Bushaj
      Adrian Kona
      Bledar Zerba
      Malvina Deçka
      Renaldo Pastërma
      Mikel Zaho
      Rovin Zeqja
      Delis Kapxhiu
      Enver Shima
      Latif Mullahi
      Luigj Bushaj
      Gjon Proja
      Gjon Beshi
      Albert Doda
      Lekë Ndoj



  1. Es gibt erneut Probleme mit den Container Konzessionen, was wohl das dümmste Bestechungsgeschäft von Deutschen je war

    Durrës. Anti-monopoli, masa ndaj koncesionarit të Terminalit të Kontejnerëve në port

    22/11/2019 – 22:49
    Nga Thanas Mustaqi Koncesionari i Terminalit të Kontejnerëve në portin e Durrësit ka shkelur ligjin dhe ka anashkaluar dy ministri dhe Këshillin Drejtues të Autoritetit Portual Durrës (APD), lidhur…
    Lexo më shumë →


  2. Der bekannte vollkommen korrupte Hafen Kapitän: Paulin Ndreu, wirft eine berühmte Yacht aus dem Hafen von Durres, erlaubt nicht die Versorgung mit Diesel, was im Seerecht illegal ist. Ein Not Anlauf ist überall erlaubt im Seerecht, vor allem weil Montenegro ein Einlaufen verboten hat.

    Die Anweisung das die Yacht den Hafen verlassen muss, was auf ein Chaos im Hafen hindeutet und Auron Tare hat schon viel dubiose Dinge der Unfähigkeit gemacht

    Illegal trat Auron Tare, als Schiffs Agent auf, wo die Yacht keine Einreise Formalitäten machte, weil man sich auf die Einladung des Tourismus Direktor verliess. Deshalb flog die Yacht einen Tag nach Ankunft aus dem Hafen, weil der Kapitän, Skipper keine Ahnung hat von normalen Gepflogenheiten, das man umgehend nach Einlaufen zur Kapitanerie geht.

    Illegal trat Auron Tare, als Schiffs Agent auf, wo die Yacht keine Einreise Formalitäten machte, weil man sich auf die Einladung des Tourismus Direktor verliess. Deshalb flog die Yacht einen Tag nach Ankunft aus dem Hafen, weil der Kapitän, Skipper keine Ahnung hat von normalen Gepflogenheiten, das man umgehend nach Einlaufen zur Kapitanerie geht.

    Paulin Ndreu, ist bekannt, das er Bestechungs Geld fordert, was wohl nicht gezahlt wurde, als Sicherheits Chef vom Hafen Durres, Partner auch der EMS Shipping,


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