Edmond Papa alias Edvin Bode, der Skrapari Bande von Ilir Meta hingerichtet

Andrew Bode, 44 Jahre alt, ursprünglich aus Berat, wird verdächtigt, am 16. Dezember im Selita-Viertel von Tirana der Henker von Edmond Papa gewesen zu sein. Es ist bekannt, dass Bode seinen zweiten Namen hat, da er früher Edvin Bode hieß, aber aufgrund von Problemen mit der Justiz hat er ihn vor einigen Jahren geändert.

Edmond Papa dhe Andrew BodeDyshohet si ekzekutuesi i Edmond Papës, Andrew Bode mund të jetë larguar ilegalisht jashtë vendit, sistemi TIMS e tregon në Shqipëri! Pritet të shpallet në kërkim ndërkombëtar

Dyshohet si ekzekutuesi i Edmond Papës, Andrew Bode mund të jetë larguar ilegalisht jashtë vendit, sistemi TIMS e tregon në Shqipëri! Pritet të shpallet në kërkim ndërkombëtar

Andrew Bode, i njohur edhe me emrin Edvin, i dyshuari si ekzekutor i Edmond Papës, zyrtarisht në sistemin TIMS rezulton të ndodhet brenda territorit shqiptar. Burime nga grupi hetimor bëjnë me dije se nga të dhënat që kanë marrë dyshohet se 44-vjeçari…

Angela Merkel’s Kokain Handel mit Ramuz Haradinj, Ilir Meta, Dreshaj, Ylli Dogani von Hamburg und in Europa

Angela Merkels, Ramuz Haradinaj, Kokain Imperium, mit Hilfe von Frank Walter Steinmeier, vor allem auch in Hamburg (Dollhouse), mit dem Dreschaj Clan, aufgebaut. Bananen, Kokain, Hamburg, Albaner, Innensenator Schill, Hamburger Senat und die Lobby Mafia

Deutsche Politiker, Diplomaten und die Drogen Kartelle mit Hekuran Hoxha, Saimir Gjepali, Admir Hoxha



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Uralte Betrugs und Bestechungs Maschine der Deutschen in Albanien. hier Ludgar Vollmer, Weltweit mit Bestechungsgeld, für Bundesdruckerei Geschäfte und Visas gab es als Boni

Beide vereint und Redord verdächtig. zu blöde zu regieren und zu organisieren: Funktionale Analphabeten.

Bujar Himci
Verhaftung des Vize Innenminister Bujar Himci, der 3 höchsten Polizei Direktoren, im Bundesdreckerei Skandal in Tirana. Anfang Oktober 2002

At first glance, Michigan resident Ylli Didani was a successful businessman with stakes in companies in the United States, Albania and Kosovo, where he enjoyed a business relationship with a former security aide to ex-Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.

United States authorities say this was just a façade, however.

Ylli Dogani

Department of JusticeU.S. Attorney’s OfficeEastern District of Michigan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWednesday, April 21, 2021


A federal grand jury returned an indictment today charging former Michigan resident Ylli Didani, 43, with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, announced Acting United States Attorney Saima S. Mohsin.

Mohsin was joined in the announcement by Special Agent in Charge Keith Martin, Drug Enforcement Administration, Detroit Division,  Christopher Perry, Director of Fields Operation, US Customs and Border Protection, Acting Special Agent in Charge Kelly Lewis, Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigations and Chief Jeff King, Farmington Hills Police Department.

Acting US Attorney Mohsin stated, “This is a very significant and important prosecution of a large scale, well-organized drug trafficking organization involved in the distribution of thousands of kilograms of cocaine worth tens of millions of dollars, across multiple continents.  I salute the entire law enforcement team who labored so tirelessly on this case, from prosecutors to police officers, federal agencies to local police departments.  Their efforts culminated in today’s indictment and demonstrate cooperation and teamwork at its best.”

Special Agent Martin stated, “This indictment of a major cocaine trafficker is the result of a joint investigation with law enforcement partners from around the globe.  Our combined efforts should send a clear message to drug traffickers everywhere that you will be held accountable for your crimes.”

Director Perry stated, “The complexity of this case, which involved so many law enforcement partners throughout the region is a testament to the importance of cooperation among agencies.  I’m proud of efforts of our CBP personnel, along with our federal, state, and local partners who played an important role in reaching this indictment.”

“Today’s indictment is a result of the hard work and dedication of our local and federal law enforcement partners.  IRS-CI will continue to provide our financial expertise to disrupt and dismantle international drug trafficking organizations,” said Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation, Detroit Field Office, Acting Special Agent in Charge, Kelly Lewis.

Chief King stated, “This is an excellent example of the inter-agency cooperation and capabilities of our investigative taskforce. The Farmington Hills Police Department is extremely proud of our investigator and his tireless commitment toward disrupting and indicting a large scale-international drug trafficking organization.”

As alleged in the indictment, Didani and other unindicted co-conspirators planned and financed the distribution of cocaine from several locations including the Eastern District of Michigan. According to the Indictment, in two transactions that occurred in June 2016 and December 2017, Didani received at least $550,000 from other co-conspirators for the purpose of purchasing bulk cocaine.  Allegedly, Didani and other co-conspirators used several means of transportation, including private aircraft and commercial containerships, for purposes of obtaining and distributing the cocaine throughout Europe.

According to a criminal complaint that was unsealed on April 1, 2021, following Didani’s arrest on March 31, 2021 in Charlotte North Carolina, it is alleged that Didani was the leader of an international drug trafficking organization with ties to the United States, Mexico, South America, and Europe. The complaint also alleges that in 2017, a co-conspirator in Didani’s organization was overseeing the design of an underwater drone that would be utilized to transport large quantities of cocaine to Europe. The drone, which was going to be equipped with an underwater modem and GPS antenna, would transport the cocaine while attached to the bottom of a commercial containership. The drone would then be remotely released from the containership off the shore of Europe. The drone and cocaine would then be picked up by a fishing boat controlled by Didani’s organization.  

The criminal complaint further alleges that Didani arranged the distribution of several shipments of cocaine from South America to Europe, where the cocaine was seized by law enforcement. In 2019 and 2020, Law enforcement seized over 3400 kilograms of cocaine from Didani’s organization. The seized cocaine has a street value of over $100,000,000.00.

It is important to note that an indictment is merely a charge and should not be considered as evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The case was investigated by the DEA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Group 6 consisting of both DEA Special Agents and Task Force Officers from Farmington Hills PD, Sterling Heights PD, Troy PD, Novi PD, Dearborn Heights PD, and Northfield Township PD. IRS-CI, and US Customs and Border Protection. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Mark Bilkovic, Timothy McDonald and Michael El-Zein.

Torpedo: The Double Life of an Accused US-Albanian Drug Trafficker

Illustration by Jurgena Tahiri/BIRNBesar LikmetaEdmond Hoxhaj and Perparim IsufiTirana and PristinaBIRNApril 20, 202107:04In 2018, Albanian prosecutors dropped a money laundering probe into Ylli Didani. Less than two years later, he was arrested in the US on charges of trafficking significant amounts of cocaine to Europe and laundering the proceeds.

At first glance, Michigan resident Ylli Didani was a successful businessman with stakes in companies in the United States, Albania and Kosovo, where he enjoyed a business relationship with a former security aide to ex-Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.

United States authorities say this was just a façade, however.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, 43 year-old Didani led a double life, ostensibly mining for minerals while in fact smuggling cocaine from South America to Europe and laundering the proceeds.

Drug trafficking is the chief source of ‘dirty money’ penetrating Albania’s meagre economy, according to authorities, helping to finance political corruption, sway elections and win protection from prosecution.

But while a six-year investigation in the US resulted in Didani’s arrest on April 1 in North Carolina, prosecutors in his native Albania dropped a probe in 2018 into suspicious bank transfers of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The case was handled by Alket Mersini of the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office, who was dismissed in December last year by an independent body created to weed out corrupt judges and prosecutors, ruling that Mersini had failed to explain the origin of his wealth.

Reached by phone, Mersini told BIRN: “I don’t remember the case. I’m taking some time off.”

A lawyer representing Didani could not be reached for comment.

‘That’s ur house’

753-kilogram of cocaine seized on August 11, 2019, at the Port of Rotterdam onboard the MSC vessel Anisha R. Photo: US Court Documents

The DEA says Didani headed an organisation dealing in “large-scale cocaine trafficking and money laundering”, which designed an amphibious drone for the trafficking of cocaine from South America to Europe and had financing from Michigan telecommunications CEO Marty Tibbitts, until Tibbitts died when he crashed his Cold War-era RAF fighter jet in Wisconsin in 2018.

Just in the last two years, authorities in the US and Europe seized nearly 3.5 tonnes of cocaine allegedly trafficked by Didani’s group from South America to Bilbao in Spain, the Dutch port of Rotterdam and Belgium’s Antwerp.

He now faces charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances on board a vessel under US jurisdiction and money laundering.

According to the DEA, Didani’s organisation had links in North America, South America, Albania, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

As far back as 2015 and 2016, US authorities knew they were onto something when two separate searches of Didani’s iPhone during border checks at Chicago’s O’Hare airport yielded photos featuring large bundles of US dollars and Didani toting firearms.

Photo from Didani’s iPhone when he is shown posing with guns and cash. Photo from US Court Documents

Two of the photos were time-stamped July 9, 2016 and geolocated to an apartment in Macomb Count, Michigan. The apartment at the time was rented to a person identified in court documents as CC-1. Investigators saw Didani at the apartment on several occasions during the summer of 2016.

According to the DEA, Didani and a contact named in his iPhone as ‘Dan Dan’ – whom agents say is CC-1 – exchanged Viber messages in July and August 2016 discussing illegal money transfers, receipt of FedEx packages, falsifying passports and the sale of large quantities of cocaine.

Didani also sent a picture of a red duffle bag containing multiple rectangular packages wrapped in red and yellow and which DEA agent Brandon Leach said were consistent with kilogram bricks of cocaine. The photo was accompanied by the message, “That’s ur house,” which Leach said meant that the profits from the sale of such a quantity of cocaine would be enough to buy a house.

‘100M euros’

Photo allegedly showing cocaine packages found in Didani’s iPhone. Photo from US Court Documents

On July 19, 2016, Didani wrote to CC-1 asking to meet with “Marty as soon as possible.”

He then sent a picture of his Blackberry screen showing a conversation about finding someone to help move “100M euros” from Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, to a bank in Dubai without the bank reporting the transactions.

The DEA identified ‘Marty’ as co-conspirator CC-2. Albanian court documents go further, however, identifying him as Marty Tibbitts of Macomb County.

Tibbitts was the CEO of a telecommunications company called Clementine Live Answering Service and the founder of the World Heritage Aviation Museum in Michigan.

Marty Tibbitts posing with his Cold War-era jet. Photo courtesy of the World Heritage Aviation Museum

As part of the money-laundering investigation, the DEA found that in 2016 and 2017, CC-1 received a number of large cashier’s checks from Tibbitts totalling $860,000, which he cashed in a gold shop and a pawn store.

“Through training and experience, I am aware that drug traffickers often utilize these types of businesses, instead of official banks, to launder drug proceeds in an attempt to remain undetected by law enforcement,” DEA agent Leach wrote in his statement. https://balkaninsight.com/2021/04/20/torpedo-the-double-life-of-an-accused-us-albanian-drug-trafficker/

Together, the cocaine had a wholesale market value of more than 80 million euros.

This publication (story) was produced with support from the Global Programme ‘Combating Illicit Financial Flows’ implemented by the GIZ and financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kokainë me nëndetëse/ Arrestohet “mbreti” shqiptar i drogës në SHBA, u “tradhtua” nga aplikacioni i mesazheve

29/01/2022 ne AktualitetA A

Teknologjia e bën gjithçka shumë më të lehtë për njerëzit që të bëjnë të pamundurën, të mundur. Një pjesë e madhe e popullsisë së botës përdor telefonat inteligjentë, duke u mundësuar atyre të përdorin aplikacionin e mesazheve, si për shembull Sky ECC. Ky aplikacion çoi gjithashtu në kapjen e mbretit të dyshuar të drogës, Ylli Didani.

Për të rejat më të fundit behuni pjesë e grupit tonë VIRAL në facebook : PAMFLETI

Lexo edhe:

“Mrekulli që mbijetova”/ Rama rrëfen si u rrah me shufra hekuri në 1997: Isha i vendosur për të çliruar vendin nga forca të errëta e të dhunshme

Banorët e ‘5 majit’ sërish në protestë, u bashkohen edhe ata të ‘Astirit’; bllokojnë ish-sheshin ‘Shqiponja’

Mediat amerikane i kanë kushtuar një artikull këtij aplikacioni i cili së fundmi është zbuluar se “tradhtoi” të cilësuarin si mbret të drogës në SHBA, Ylli Didani pasi është kapur duke ndërtuar një nëndetëse për të trafikuar kokainë.

Roli i aplikacionit të mesazheve në goditjen e kokainës

Ylli Didani është arrestuar në 31 mars 2021 pasi akuzohet se ka kryer trafik ndërkombëtar kokaine në sasi të mëdha.

Gjatë hetimit për vite me radhë, prokurorët federalë ranë në “gjurmë” se 44-vjeçari shqiptar së bashku me disa bashkëpuntorë shpërndanin drogë në Evropë. Didani ka bashkëpunuar edhe me Marty Tibbitts, CEO i Shërbimit të Përgjigjeve të Drejtpërdrejta me bazë në Detroit, por që bashkupunimi nuk përfundoi pasi CEO humbi jetën në një aksident ajror. Danini planifikonte të ndërtonte një nëndetëse ose dron nënujor në mënyrë që kokaina të shpërndahej më lehtësisht në Europë. Për gjashtë vjet, agjentët federalë nuk pushuan së hetuari Ylli Didanin dhe kokainën e tij të paketuar në kuti bananesh të dërguara me mallra ndërkombëtare. Ata përshkuan pesë kontinente dhe 15 vende për të kontrolluar dosjet gjyqësore, për të bërë intervista dhe për të përdorur pajisje moderne për të zbuluar rrjetin e Didanit.

Informacioni doli 10 muaj pas arrestimit të mbretit të drogës të akuzuar në Detroit. Autoritetet bashkëpunuan në një gjueti mbarëbotërore për prova. Ata gjithashtu kërkuan përforcim nga zyrtarët e huaj për të ndihmuar që të sigurohet që mbreti i dyshuar i drogës në Detroit nuk do t’i shpëtojë ndjekjes penale.

Sipas të dhënave të gjykatës, 44-vjeçari Didani ka përfituar mbi 111.5 milionë dollarë. Ai menaxhoi perandorinë e tij të drogës duke përdorur aplikacionin e mesazheve, Sky ECC. Mesazhet automatikisht shkatërrohen, por agjentët federalë arritën disi të merrnin foto të mesazheve të shkëmbyera mes Didanit dhe bashkëpunëtorëve të tij.

Mesazhet përfshijnë biseda në lidhje me trafikun e drogës dhe pastrimin e parave. Agjentët federalë gjithashtu përpiqen të kapin komunikimet e Sky ECC të gjetura në Francë, ku përfshihet Didani. Ata janë ende në pritje të ndihmës së zyrtarëve të vendeve të tjera që kanë parasysh hetimin.

“Ylli është një familjar që prezumohet i pafajshëm. Mbani mend, është gjithmonë më e lehtë për prokurorët të bëjnë pretendime në letër sesa të vërtetojnë dhe provojnë ato pretendime në një sallë gjyqi. Dhe është aty, në një gjykatë, ku ne do të mbrojmë klientin tonë”, tha Uade Fink, avokati mbrojtës i Didanit .

Unaza e drogës zhvilloi lidhje me vende të tjera përmes aplikacionit të mesazheve

Prokurorët pretendojnë se sindikata e drogës e të dyshuarit si mbreti i drogës vepron në Metro Detroit që nga gushti 2016. Ajo zhvilloi lidhje me vende të tjera, përkatësisht; Shqipëria, Belgjika, Brazili, Kanadaja, Kili, Kolumbia dhe Republika Domenikane. Vende të tjera të përfshira janë Ekuadori, Gjermania, Meksika, Holanda, Spanja, Turqia dhe Emiratet e Bashkuara Arabe.

Për më tepër, rrjeti i drogës prodhonte sasi të pakufizuar parash deri në verën e vitit 2016, vunë në dukje prokurorët. Didani dërgoi mesazhe duke konsideruar domosdoshmërinë për të kërkuar një person që mund të ndihmojë në transferimin e fshehtë të parave me vlerë miliona dollarë. Ky person i veçantë duhet të jetë në gjendje të transferojë fshehurazi 111.5 milionë dollarë nga Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt, Gjermani) në një bankë në Dubai. Informacioni është sipas oficerit të task forcës së Administratës Amerikane të Zbatimit të Drogës, Brandon Leach.

Hetuesit zbuluan se Didani dhe partnerët e tij në krim përdornin telefona celularë të koduar me një softuer nga Sky Global. Është një ofrues kanadez shërbimesh dhe rrjeti komunikimi. Ndihmës avokatët e SHBA Timothy McDonald dhe Mark Bilkovic shkruan në një dosje gjyqësore.

Autoritetet e Departamentit të Drejtësisë kërkuan zyrtarisht korrespondentët francezë që të merrnin tekstet e sekuestruara të aplikacionit të mesazheve nga zyrtarët evropianë. Megjithatë, dosjet e qeverisë nuk zbulojnë se si ata siguruan mesazhet.

Ndërprerje në funksionimin e Sindikatës së Drogës

Në vitin 2019 dhe 2020, sindikata e drogës Didani u përball me disa probleme të mëdha. Autoritetet sekuestruan mbi 3.400 kilogramë kokainë me vlerë mbi 100 milionë dollarë. Ai përfshin kokainë të fshehur në një anije mallrash me banane, e nisur për në Holandë.

Në mars të vitit të kaluar, Belgjika, Franca dhe Holanda çaktivizuan rrjetin pasi hynë në aplikacionin e mesazheve. Ndërprerja e operacionit erdhi si rezultat i burgosjes së të paktën 80 individëve dhe qindra bastisjeve në të gjithë Evropën. Mes hetimeve dyvjeçare, forcat e rendit parashikuan 1 miliard mesazhe dhe konfiskuan mbi 17 ton kokainë.

Më pak se një muaj pas mbylljes së Sky ECC, mbreti i drogës Didani u arrestua. Zyrtarët e policisë e kapën atë në Aeroportin Ndërkombëtar Charlotte Douglas në Charlotte, Hetuesit e NC konfiskuan gjithashtu një byzylyk ari 18 karat, zi dhe i pastër, diamanti me vlerë 3,200 dollarë. Ata gjithashtu sekuestruan një orë çelik inox, qeramike Rolex Yacht-Master II me vlerë 12,000 dollarë.

Autoritetet franceze konfirmuan se do të jenë në gjendje të dorëzojnë mesazhet e Sky ECC brenda një muaji. Qeveria do të ketë kohë të mjaftueshme përgatitore për akuzën e Didanit për rreth tre muaj.

Didani do të përballej me një tjetër akuzë, e cila është konspiracion për të furnizuar drogë në bordin e një anijeje të kufizuar nga ligjet e SHBA-së për drogën. Aktualisht, mbreti i drogës në Detroit është në qeli në një qendër ndalimi federale në jugperëndim të Detroitit. Ai pret gjykimin në lidhje me një akuzë për konspiracion droge që mund ta çojë atë në një burgim të përjetshëm.

Nga bananet te kokosi, një tjetër dërgesë e kokainës në Evropë

Kohët e fundit, autoritetet kolumbiane zbuluan 20,000 kokrra kokosi përmbajnë kokainë të lëngshme të destinuara për në Evropë. Ata kapën këtë ngarkesë masive në qytetin port të Kartagjenës, ku kokosit përgatiten të nisen dhe të nisen për në Genova, Itali. Njësia e zbatimit të antidrogës zbuloi se ajo që ka brenda kokosit është kokainë e lëngshme dhe jo ujë kokosi.

“Pas inspektimit, u konstatua se uji në frutin tropikal ishte shkëmbyer me kokainë të lëngshme”, tha zyra e prokurorit kombëtar kolumbian .

Autoritetet kolumbiane tani po bashkëpunojnë me organet e zbatimit italian në Genova. Ata do të përpiqen të zbulojnë personat që qëndrojnë pas rrjetit kriminal të kontrabandës së paligjshme të drogës në Evropë.

Sekuestrimi i pasurisë 1.2 mln $ e Ylli Didanit, tentoi të trafikojë kokainë me nëndetëse në SHBA

Një numër i konsiderueshëm pasurish me vlerë totale rreth 1.2 milionë dollarë u sekuestruan nga policia dhe prokuroria e Tiranës pasi dyshohet se janë përftuar nga aktiviteti kriminal.

Asetet në fjalë mësohet se janë në pronësi të shtetasit Ylli Didani, aktualisht i arrestuar nga  autoritetet e antidrogës amerikane DEA, pasi është i akuzuar për trafik ndërkombëtar të lëndëve narkotike nga vendet e Amerikës Latine për në SHBA dhe Evropë.

Në padinë e ngritur nga autoritetet federale amerikane, thuhet se 43-vjeçari Ylli Didani është arrestuar në 31 mars 2021 pasi akuzohet se ka kryer trafik ndërkombëtar kokaine në sasi të mëdha.

Dosja amerikane, përshkruan se Didani ishte drejtues I një organizate ndërkombëtare të trafikut të drogës që lidhte shtetet e bashkuara të amerikës, meksikën, amerikën e jugut dhe europën.

Një prej implikimeve më të rënda kriminale të shqiptarit Ylli Didani, sipas autoriteteve amerikane ishte përdorimi i një droni nënujor dhe nëndetëseve për transportimin e sasive të mëdha të kokainës të destinuara drejt tregut europian.

Në vitet 2019-2020 Didanit i janë bllokuar ngarkesa deri në 3400 kilogramë kokainë  me vlerë mbi 100 milionë dollarë. https://pamfleti.net/kokaine-me-nendetese-arrestohet-mbreti-shqiptar-i-droges-ne-shba-u-tradhtua-nga-aplikacioni-i-mesazheve/

Folge der kriminellen EU, Berlin Politik im Balkan. Proteste gegen die Polizei und Ausgangssperren, des „Lushaj“ Clans

Identische Vorgänge in Deutschland, mit der SPD Verbrecher und Terroristen Organisation: AntiFA, in Albanien, Berisha Banden, der „Lushaj“ Clan, mit dem Rapper: Stressi. Keine Arbeit, Kein Ausbildung, dann gab es vorher schon Protetste und wohin die Erpressung von Ausgangs Sperren, führt und Lockdown, der Nirgendwo etwas gebracht hat. Keine Arbeit, weil Alles ins Ausland ausgelagert … Folge der kriminellen EU, Berlin Politik im Balkan. Proteste gegen die Polizei und Ausgangssperren, des „Lushaj“ Clansweiterlesen

US Senats Committee: Das kriminelle Enterprise der Clinton’s, mit der US Super Mafia: Gambino, und als Partner von Terroristen und Kriminellen

Immer mit Kriminellen, möglichst viel Geld stehlen, die einzige Deutsche Aussenpolitik, mit dem Suppen Kaspar: Heiko Maas und Co. Das Erste was Besucher in Albanien 1994 erfuhren, das Bin Laden Leute, als Investor auftreten, an der National Strasse, Vore-Tirana West, ein Ausbildungs Camp und Lager errichten, was bis heute steht. Auch die erste Prepator Drohnen … US Senats Committee: Das kriminelle Enterprise der Clinton’s, mit der US Super Mafia: Gambino, und als Partner von Terroristen und Kriminellenweiterlesen

Was war das?

Der Terrorist „Ramuz Haradinaj“ musste im Albaner Mafia Spektakel zurücktreten

Nicht alle Mitgliedsstaaten der EU können sich glücklich preisen, von einer Persönlichkeit regiert zu werden, deren Mantra „Wir schaffen das!“ die Qualität einer selbst erfüllenden Prophezeihung hat und das von einer Frau ohne realen Beruf, schwer unter Pharma  Mitteln stehend, die Nichts mehr kapiert seit langem. Erinnert an die letzten Wochen von Hitler, mit seiner Drogen Abhängigkeit, wegen Alzheimer. Vor lauter Pharma- und Drogen Tabletten, kann die Frau kaum noch laufen und zittert ständig, als Nebenwirkung von „TAVOR“, wesentlich stärker wie Valium.


Vor kurzem (6, Juni) noch Gast bei Angela Merkel, der Extrem Mörder, Verbrecher

Im Solde von Kriminellen Clans sind alle diese angeblichen Hilfsorganisationen inklusive der Polizei Präsidentin, Generalstaatsanwältin Margarete Kopper Kinder Handel, Prostitution ohne Ende der Politik Banden Zustände in Berlin, wo Quoten Frauen die Polizei führen, sogar ohne Erfahrung wurde Margarete Kopper im Mafia Stile der Grünen Roten: Generalstaatsanwältin auf Lebenzzeit, obwohl sie schon als Vize Polizei Chefin ständig krank und unfähig war. Im Solde von Kriminellen Clans sind alle diese angeblichen Hilfsorganisationen inklusive der Polizei Präsidentin, Generalstaatsanwältin Margarete Kopper

Kinder Handel, Prostitution ohne Ende der Politik Banden

Zustände in Berlin, wo Quoten Frauen die Polizei führen, sogar ohne Erfahrung wurde Margarete Kopper im Mafia Stile der Grünen Roten: Generalstaatsanwältin auf Lebenzzeit, obwohl sie schon als Vize Polizei Chefin ständig krank und unfähig war.

„Zu gefährlich“: Berliner Grünen-Politikerin traut sich nicht in den Park

EMS Shipping, die Durres Hafen Mafia mit Ilir Majlindi, “Alba Exotic Fruit”, Administrator: Eduart Dauti und der Kokain Import in Fortsetzung

Mafia Container Abwicklung im Hafen Durres, der seit Jahren unter Kontrolle krimineller Clans steht, oft aus dem Kosovo. Das GAnze funktioniert nur, wenn man auch die Container Abfertigung kontrolliert, nicht nur die Hafen Polizei und den Zoll.https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gioia_Tauro. 2001 gab es schon die Erste Interpol Aktion: „ORINOKO“ rund um die 8 Tonnen Kokain, des Sokol Kociu, … EMS Shipping, die Durres Hafen Mafia mit Ilir Majlindi, “Alba Exotic Fruit”, Administrator: Eduart Dauti und der Kokain Import in Fortsetzungweiterlesen

Wird das Ilir Meta Verbrecher Kartell des Frank Walter Steinmeier entfernt in Albanien

Als Präsident nicht tragbar, die uralte Ratte, der Grünen und Roten Verbrecher in Albanien. Die Ehefrau Monika, einem Produkt des Georg, C. Marshall Centrums in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, real eine Verbrecher Ausbildung Stätte, der übelsten Art. Ein Produkt des US NATO Foundation: „Fund of Peace“


Immer unterwegs mit Gangstern

Immer mit Gangster unterwegs: Xhevdet Troplini und Altin Hajri.


Verbrecherische Aussenpolitik, mit Ludgar Vollmer,wo im Oktober 2002 der Vize Innenminister Bujar Himci, die 3 höchsten Polizei Direktoren verhaftet wurden, alle gut geschmiert durch die kriminellen Banden des Auswärtigem Amtes

Brief des Generalstaatsanwaltes Adriatik Llalla an den US Kongreß in 2017, über das Treiben auch der Hillary Clinton, Georg Soros Mafia mit der US Botschaft in Tirana, wo es weitere US Untersuchungen und Verfahren gibt.


Bundesdruckerei Skandal des Ludgar Vollmer in 2002 des Ilir Meta
Reine Bestechungs Orgie der Deutschen damals wie auch Berlinwasser das dümmsten PPP Projekt mit den Idioten der KfW schon damals und Betrugs Qualität wurde damals beanstandet. Fraport damals ebenso schon, Weltweit.

Das Verbrecher Kartell des Ilir Meta, Ehefrau: Monika Kryemadhi mit Al Qaida, den Drogen Kartellen Teil II

Steinmeier Verbrecher Clan: Das kriminelle System des Ilir Meta: Erneut Verkauf der Staatsbürgerschaft an 382 vorbestrafte Kriminelle


Committee of Inquiry Finalizes Report to Dismiss Albanian President

Ylli Ndroqi, Eigentümer von „Ora TV“ und Financier des Ilir Meta, Steinmeier Drogen Kartelles wurde verhaftet.

Committee of Inquiry Finalizes Report to Dismiss Albanian President

The committee of inquiry has completed its report on President Ilir Meta’s actions during the electoral campaign in Albania, and has concluded that he violated the Constitution. Based on this report, the Parliament will…

By Exit News 2 hrs a

lir Meta wird wohl abgesetzt, durch eine Parlaments Abstimmung

Der Bericht besagt, dass der Präsident gegen 16 Artikel der Verfassung verstoßen hat und dass am Montag auf der Konferenz der Präsidenten der Tag festgelegt wird, an dem über diesen Bericht im Parlament abgestimmt wird.

Komisioni Hetimor miraton unanimisht raportin për shkarkimin e Metës! Hyseni: Ditë mirë për demokracinë dhe shtetin e së drejtës

Komisioni Hetimor për shkarkimin e Presidentit Ilir Meta ka miratuar në mënyrë unanime raportin përfundimtar për gjetjet e shkeljeve kushtetuese të kryera nga Presidenti. Në raport cilësohet se presidenti ka shkelur 16 nene të Kushtetutës dhe se të hënën në Konferencën e Kryetarëve do të vendoset dhe data se kur do të votohet ky raport në Parlament.

Presidenca: Ilir Meta do përfundojë të plotë mandatin! Komisioni taktikë nul për të larguar vëmendjen nga krimet zgjedhore
Shkarkimi i Metës, Murrizi: Të hënën vendoset data se kur do votohet ky raport në parlament
Gjikondi në Report Tv: SPAK të hetojë krimin e Metës dhe Berishës për 21 janarin! Shkarkimi i Presidentit ka gjetur dhe harmoninë e ndërkombëtarëve

Redaksia 28 Maj, 10:43 | Përditesimi i fundit: 28 Maj, 17:07

[Rrit madhesinë e shkrimit] [Zvogëlo madhesinë e shkrimit]

Komisioni Hetimor për shkarkimin e Presidentit Ilir Meta ka miratuar në mënyrë unanime raportin përfundimtar për gjetjet e shkeljeve kushtetuese të kryera nga Presidenti. Në raport cilësohet se presidenti ka shkelur 16 nene të Kushtetutës dhe se të hënën në Konferencën e Kryetarëve do të vendoset dhe data se kur do të votohet ky raport në Parlament.

Kryetari i Komisionit, Alket Hyseni i cili lexoi raportin përfundimtar tha se sjellja e presidenti duhet të ishte në unitet dhe ekuilbrues në jetën politikë të vendit, por kjo gjë nuk ka ndodhur pasi me deklaratat e tij si para dhe gjatë fushatës elektorale, gjuha e përdorur nga Ilir Meta ishte konfrontuese dhe e nxehtë duke dalë nga ‚kostumi‘ i tij i presidentit dhe rolit të ‚paqeruajtësit‘ në jetën politike të vendit. Hyseni tha se Presidenti bëri një fushatë kundër partisë në pushtet me të gjithë fuqinë institucionale të tij duke ndikuar drejtpërdrejtë në zgjedhjet. https://shqiptarja.com/lajm/mblidhet-komisioni-hetimor-miratohet-sot-raporti-per-shkarkimin-e-ilir-metes?r=kh1

Nard koka

Mord Drohungen von „Nard Koka“ gegen den Journalisten „Carlo Bollino, weil Fotos von Ilir Meta, mit Super Drogen Gangstern wie Altin Hajri und Xhevdet Troplini publik wurden


Albanian Police Seize Cannabis Seedlings, Order Detention of 40 Villagers

From: Exit News 8 hrs ago
Albanian Police Seize Cannabis Seedlings, Order Detention of 40 Villagers
The Albanian police detained 16 people for cultivating or aiding the cultivation of cannabis in villages around Kruja on Sunday, about 30 kilometers from the capital city.

In their statement, the police announced that 24 more villagers are on the run while 3 others were not detained due to their age.

Police said they relied on intelligence from inside the three villages, drone footage, and footage from Italian police planes to successfully complete the operation.

After thorough searches in “greenhouses, warehouses, apartments and forest areas,” the heavily armed special police seized 5 cars and an indoor unit where they found an undisclosed number of cannabis seedlings and grow lights.

Albania is the largest producer of cannabis in the Western Balkans and one of the most important hubs in the region for processing and transporting hard drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, from East to West, according to the latest report by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GITOC).

Kruja, where the police seized cannabis seedlings today, is one of the three main areas in Albania to grow the drug that feeds European markets – the other two being Dukagjin in the north, and Vlora in the south.

The GITOC report found that, in addition to organized crime gangs, drug trafficking in Albania is facilitated by state structures, police and customs authorities as well as transportation companies.

It suggested that law enforcement agencies need to start going after assets and the proceeds of crime if they want to have any meaningful impact on the trades in drugs and people.

Washington Post: Nach einer Schiesserei, um Wahlkampf Stimmen Kauf, beschuldigt Ilir Meta, die US Botschafterin, der Einmischung in Innere Angelegenheit

MIt Recht, mischte sich die US Botschafterin Yuri Kim ein, dreht der Alte Wahlstimmen Käufer Ilir Meta, mit seinen unzähligen Gangster Clans, vorkommen durch. Selbst Wikileaks, schrieb schon deutliche über das Gangster Ehepaar Ilir Meta, mit seiner Frau: Monika.

Eine einzige Peinlichkeit ist das Ehepaar, für Betrug ausgebildet Monika Kryemadhi, 2001 im Georg C. Marshall Centrum in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Beide stehen schon lange unter Beobachtung, deshalb wusste man auch, das nach altem Drehbuch, Banditen wieder Stimmen kaufen werden, Kriminelle als Kandidaten aufgestellt werden, alte Sigurime Paten, war wieder mit Banditen Kämpfen zu rechnen, bei Wahlen. Waffen Lager wurden ausgehoben. Flugplatz, die Küste, Häfen wurden gesichert, strengere Umsetzung von Boots und Fischerei Genehmigungen, denn viele kriminelle Clans, haben Fischerei Boote. fahren illegale Schmuggler Boote. Echte US Experten in Albanien, mit Italiens Eliten, stabilisieren Albanien

Man wollte mit einer hohen Anzahl von Doppel IDKarten auch wählen, deren Gültigkeit abgelaufen waren, mit vielen Fake Namen, oft von Verstorbenen! Protege von Ilir Meta, sind neben den Drogen und Zuhälter Banden, vor allem Frank Walter Steinmeier, andere SPD Politiker, die Geschäfte, machen rund um die KfW und sonstige Betrugs Geschäfte. Das wurde schon schwer kritisiert unter Obama, diese Scheckbuch Diplomatie der Deutschen in 2009, sprich Auslands Bestechung. *** Man finanzierte Jahre lang, mit Vorsatz die übelsten Verbrecher Kartell, stahl gemeinsam für Fake und Betrugs Projete viel Geld:

Abgründe machten sich auf, wie man Verbrecher Kartelle finanziert im Auswärtigem Amte, was schon mit dem Visa Skandal mehr wie peinlich ist.

Vor 3 Wochen,

Wird endlich Ilir Meta verhaftet? Parlamentswahlen am 25. April 2021

Albanian President Asks Extension of  Validity of ID Cards until Elections

Der grösste Wahlfälscher, Stimmen Käufer war immer die LSI Partei der Skrapari Bande von Ilir Meta. Alles seit 20 Jahren bekannt.

Die Ilir Meta Bande, wurde mehrfach beim Stimmen Kauf erwischt, wobei der Ilir Meta Gangster: Pjerin Yhuvani, eine Schiesserei anfing in Elbasan, durch einen DP Mann einem Elite Polizisten erschossen wurde. Mit 3 Klein Bussen reiste die Gruppe an, ist nun verhaftet, Ilir Meta tobt, weil die US Botschafterin ihn ermahnte den Stimmenkauf zu unterlassen, ihn an seine anderen Verbrechen erinnerte.

Autori Arber Paplekaj dhe viktima Pjerin Xhuvani Momenti kur autori Arber Paleka del me armë nga furgoni Trupi i Pjerin Xhuvani Viktima Pjerin Xhuvani Autori Arber Paplekaj Foto nga vendi i ngjarjes Autori Arber Paplekaj dhe viktima Pjerin Xhuvani Autori Arber Papleka dhe foto nga vendi i ngjarjes, viktima Pjerin Xhuvani


Pjerin Xhuvani, Ilir Meta,Haxinasto: Gangster Treffen, Elbasan

2 Überfälle, durch SP, LSI Verbrecher auf DP Partei Büro´s: Erschossen: Pjerin Xhuvani in Elbasan

Die Skandale sind unendlich, die Betrügereien und seine Verbindungen zur Organisierten Kriminalität und dem Frauen und Drogen Handel

Pasi Yuri Kim kërcënoi Ilir Metën për thirrjet luftënxitëse, SHBA paralajmëron dënimin e tij / Shihni çfarë shkruan “Associated Press” dhe “The Washington Post” për skandalin në Shqipëri

Pasi Yuri Kim kërcënoi Ilir Metën për thirrjet

“Presidenti i Shqipërisë ka akuzuar ambasadoren amerikane për ndërhyrje në punët e brendshme të vendit të vogël evropian, duke mbështetur kryeministrin e tij në zgjedhjet e ardhme parlamentare”.

Kështu e ka nisur shkrimin e saj media prestigjioze “Associated Press”, teksa komenton deklaratat e forta të presidentit, Ilir Meta, drejtuar ambasadores amerikane, Yuri Kim.

Pjesë e shkrimit

Gjatë bisedës së premten mbrëma, Meta e quajti Ramën një „gangster“ dhe një „të sëmurë psikik“. Ai gjithashtu u trazua dukshëm pasi mori mesazhin e Kim dhe bëri pretendime ekstreme në lidhje me ambasadoren e SHBA. Në një moment, presidenti la të kuptohej se Kim mund të ishte pjesë e një fushate ndërkombëtare lobimi kundër tij e udhëhequr nga Serbia.

“Ka qarqe të korruptuar. Ka lobim të paguar nga Serbia, atje (në SHBA) dhe në vendet e tjera, të cilët përdorin përfaqësuesit e Amerikës kundër Ilir Metës”, tha presidenti shqiptar.

Gjithashtu Meta pretendoi se Kim i ka thënë atij gjatë një telefonate: “Ne dimë disa gjëra për ty”.

„Unë i kam thënë (Uashingtonit) që nëse ke ndonjë problem me mua, të lutem më njofto, sepse e di që mund të më vrasësh edhe mua”, tha ai. Meta shtoi se ai do të shkonte në një mal aty pranë dhe pastaj „ju mund të lëshoni një raketë mbi mua, në mënyrë që të mos dëmtoj njerëzit e tjerë“.

Ambasada Amerikane në Tiranë nuk iu përgjigj menjëherë kërkesës për komentet mbi vërejtjet e Metës.”

Gjithashtu një nga gazetat më të serioze të botës tani ka ndërkombëtarizuar tërbimin e presidentit tonë si qëndrim zyrtar të opozitës.

Shkrimi i Washington Post

Presidenti i Shqipërisë ka akuzuar ambasadorin amerikan për ndërhyrje në punët e brendshme të vendit të vogël evropian duke mbështetur kryeministrin e tij në zgjedhjet e ardhshme parlamentare.

Presidenti Ilir Meta foli ashpër për Ambasadorin Yuri Kim gjatë një bisede televizive të Premten në mbrëmje dhe i bëri thirrje diplomatit Amerikan „të ndalojë mbështetjen (Kryeministrin Edi) Rama, i cili po shkel zgjedhjet.“

Ndërsa shfaqja po transmetohej në Syri Televizion, Kim i dërgoi një mesazh me tekst Metës dhe gjithashtu shkroi në Twitter në lidhje me zgjedhjet e së Dielës, duke iu përgjigjur një paralajmërimi që Meta dha këtë javë se shqiptarët do të merrnin sfurkun dhe mjete të tjera nëse Kryeministri përpiqet të manipulojë votimin ose rezultatet.

„Është e papranueshme për këdo që të kërcënojë se qytetarët do të marrin“ sfurkun „në 25 Prill nëse nuk u pëlqen rezultati i zgjedhjeve,“ shkroi ambasadorja. ”Këto kërcënime meritojnë dënim. Ata që nxisin dhunë do të mbajnë përgjegjësi për rezultatet e fjalëve dhe veprimeve të tyre. Ndal. ”



Albania’s president lambastes US ambassador on TV talk show

FILE - In this Wednesday, April 21, 2021 file photo, Albanian President Ilir Meta speaks during an interview with the Associated Press in Tirana, Albania. Albania’s president has accused the U.S. ambassador of intervening in the small European country’s internal affairs by supporting its prime minister in an upcoming parliamentary election. Meta spoke harshly about Ambassador Yuri Kim during a television talk show on Friday, April 23, 2021. While the show was airing, Kim sent a text message to Meta and also tweeted about Sunday’s election. (AP Photo/Hektor Pustina, File)

TIRANA, Albania — Albania’s president has accused the U.S. ambassador of intervening in the small European country’s internal affairs by supporting its prime minister in an upcoming parliamentary election.

President Ilir Meta spoke harshly about Ambassador Yuri Kim during a television talk show on Friday night and called on the American diplomat “to stop supporting (Prime Minister Edi) Rama, who is violating the election.”

While the show was airing on Syri Televizion, Kim sent a text message to Meta and also tweeted about Sunday’s election, responding to a warning Meta gave this week that Albanians would take up pitchforks and other tools if the prime minister attempts to manipulate voting or the results.

“It is unacceptable for anyone to threaten that citizens will take up “pitchforks” on April 25 or if they don’t like the result of elections,”’ the ambassador wrote. ”These threats deserve condemnation. Those who incite violence will be held responsible for the results of their words and actions. Stop.”

Albania’s two largest political parties are bitter election rivals. Confrontations between supporters of Rama’s government and of the opposition culminated Wednesday with the death of a leading supporter of the governing Socialist Party. Police have said the victim was shot, allegedly by a member of the opposition Democratic Party, during an argument involving members of the opposing camps.

Meta has denounced Rama for allegedly running a “kleptocratic regime” that concentrated all legislative, administrative and judicial powers in the prime minister’s. He also accused Rama of bungling Albania’s pandemic response and delaying the country’s integration into the European Union.

The president holds the post without a party affiliation. Meta previously led the left-wing Socialist Movement for Integration, which is now led by his wife.

During Friday night’s talk show, Meta called Rama a “gangster” and a “psychic ill person.” He also became visibly agitated after receiving Kim’s text and made extreme claims about the U.S. ambassador. At one point, the president hinted that Kim could be part of an international lobbying campaign against him led by Serbia.

“There are corrupt circles. There is lobbying paid by Serbia, there (in the U.S.) and in other countries, which use America’s representatives against Ilir Meta,” he said.

Meta alleged that Kim told him during one telephone call, “We know some things about you.”

“I have told (Washington) that if you have any issue with me, please let me know because I know that you may even kill me,” he said. Meta added that he would go to a nearby mountain and then “you may launch a missile on me, so that I don’t damage other people.”

After meeting with Lulzim Basha of the main opposition center-right Democratic Party, the U.S. ambassador on Saturday reiterated that Washington “does not support any party or candidate.”

“But we absolutely support the right of all citizens to vote freely & in peace,” Kim tweeted.

Election campaigning was not permitted in Albania on Saturday. Meta sent a letter to the country’s opposition parties asking them not to allow “any effort to spoil the electoral process.” He also called on prosecutors, police and election commissioners to be impartia


Das Verbrecher Kartell des Ilir Meta, Ehefrau: Monika Kryemadhi mit Al Qaida, den Drogen Kartellen Teil II


Nard koka
Super Drogen Boss Party, wo 2 links neben Ilir Meta, Leonhard (Nard) Koka ist. Dirket neben Ilir Meta: Xhevdet Troplini und Altin Hajri, die Mord und Drogen Maschine der LSI Partei

Mord Drohungen von „Nard Koka“ gegen den Journalisten „Carlo Bollino, weil Fotos von Ilir Meta, mit Super Drogen Gangstern wie Altin Hajri und Xhevdet Troplini publik wurden


erhaftung des Vize Innenminister Bujar Himci, der 3 höchsten Polizei Direktoren im Oktober 2002, rund um den Bundesdruckerei Skandal der Deutschen, denn System Auslandsbestechung, waren beliebige Geschäfts Visa für Kriminelle durch Profi Kriminelle des Auswärtigen Amtes, für Skandal Bestechungs Geschäfte, was bis heute praktiziert wird, jeder kriminelle Clan, nach Deutschland geholt wird.

Bundesdruckerei Skandal des Ludgar Vollmer in 2002 des Ilir Meta
Reine Bestechungs Orgie der Deutschen damals wie auch Berlinwasser das dümmsten PPP Projekt mit den Idioten der KfW schon damals und Betrugs Qualität wurde damals beanstandet. Fraport damals ebenso schon, Weltweit.

Ilir Gjoni, hoch krimineller Geschäfts Partner von dem damals zurück getretenen Geschäftspartner des AA Staats Sekretär Ludgar Vollmer, der 600 blanco Pässe der Albanischen Mafia übergab in 2001 für seine Bundes Druckerei Geschäfte in Albanien

Brief des Generalstaatsanwaltes Adriatik Llalla an den US Kongreß in 2017, über das Treiben auch der Hillary Clinton, Georg Soros Mafia mit der US Botschaft in Tirana, wo es weitere US Untersuchungen und Verfahren gibt.

siehe auch: Jaessl´s Blog „Albanien, Drogen und merkwürdige Tote“ vom 15.01.2011)


Das kriminelle Enterprise der Skrapari Bande LSI, von Ilir Meta, mit Steinmeier, mit „Dod Doci“, wo 47 000 m2 Küstengrundstücke gestohlen wurden

Gangster verkaufen Agrar Land. Edmond Panariti, Ilir Meta. der Klement Balili Clan

„Kultur der Straflosigkeit“ in Albanien in 2011

Ein Enthüllungsvideo war vor einem Jahr Anlass für die Demonstrationen gegen Korruption in Albanien. Vier Menschen starben. Der damalige Vizepremierminister, der auf dem Video zu sehen war, wurde jetzt freigesprochen.
Albanien KorruptionsschildDie Bürger Albaniens haben genug von der Korruption

In Albanien ist am Montag einer der spektakulärsten Korruptionsprozesse der vergangenen Jahre mit einem Freispruch zu Ende gegangen. Angeklagt war der Politiker Ilir Meta….
(gekaufte IT Gutachter, erhielten Staatsposten, widersprachen einem technischen FBI Gutachten, ein gekaufter Richter akzeptierte das und schon war Ilir Meta, erneut ohne Vorstrafen, organisiert von Spartak Braho, dem „Paten von Durres“)

Wird endlich Ilir Meta verhaftet? Parlamentswahlen am 25. April 2021

Einige richtige Leute, sind in Albanien, welche die Verbrechens Herrschaft, der Banden beenden wollen. Bei den Kommunal Wahlen Ende April, Parlamentswahlen im September, da kann mit diesen Banden noch viel passieren. Der selbe Müll wie alle Wahlen zuvor,so sieht es aus auch für diese Wahlen. Alte bekannte Gangster kandidieren, sogar Spartak Braho, bis Nasic Naco.

Bei den Italienern, und Amerikanern, war schon vor über 10 Jahren Ilir Meta, geächtet, nach der Affäre mit Ilir Rrapo, nachdem in 2001 schon Drogen Gangster mit Diplomaten Pass von Ilir Meta, um Spartak Braho, in Italien verhaftet wurden und auch andere Diplomaten. Minister Ämter waren ihm untersagt, er trat noch unter Berisha deshalb zurück

Die Amerikaner haben das Bestechungsmodell, mit den neuen Pässen mit der Bundesdruckereit in 2002 auffliegen lassen, was rund um den Gangster Ludgar Vollmer, und Visa Verkauf eingefädelt wurde

Verhaftung des Bujar Himci, der 3 höchsten Polizei Direktoren in Albanien im Bundesdruckerei Skandal am 4.10.2002

Ilir Meta, beleidigt die USA, weil er real die Verhaftung fürchtet, jetzt dreht er total durch.

Ilir Meta, sollte schon mehrfach verhaftet werden, zuletzt 2015, aber auch in 2001, waren Verfahren anhängig, wo er den Generalstaatsanwalt Rakipi absetzen liess. Steinmeier Protege, der übelsten Art

Partner: die LSI Gangster Ilir Meta, Edmond Haxhinasto, Edmon Panertii, eine Gründung des US NATO Fund: „Fund of Peace“, wo nur Kriminelle überall installiert werden

Brief des Generalstaatsanwaltes Adriatik Llalla an den US Kongreß in 2017, über das Treiben auch der Hillary Clinton, Georg Soros Mafia mit der US Botschaft in Tirana, wo es weitere US Untersuchungen und Verfahren gibt.

Anschliessend gings nach Berlin 2017, zum Gottvater aller Gangster Kartelle: Frank Walter Steinmeier mit Essen und die bunte Truppe ohne jeden Verstand: Susanne Schütz fädelte das wohl ein.

Ilir Meta, gut dokumentierte Mafia Boss, und Staatsempfang in Deutschland.>: 2017, Februar 2029, für den Kokain, Kinder Handel Aufbau



Mord Drohungen von „Nard Koka“ gegen den Journalisten „Carlo ...

Hier mit dem Gangster Nard Koka, Xhevdet Troplini

2001 schon eine Legende

Monaika - Shkëlqim Konçi 7-1
Shkëlqim Konçi, der Fahrer von der Ehefrau von Ilir Meta: Monika Kryemadhi festgenommen in 2001, als er mit gefälschten Diplomaten Nummern, Heroin Transporte in den Kosovo durchführte.

Der Pate, neben dem German C. Marshall Centrum in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, eine Steuer finanzierte Verbrecher Ausbildung mit der Bundeswehr, im Stile der NeoCon: des Robert Kagan. Steinmeier der Pate, vieler Verbrecher Clans.


Mero Baze: Ilir Meta sulmon SHBA-në, të dëgjojë Lulzim Basha

Ish-kreu i PD, Sali Berisha, Presidenti Ilir Meta dhe kreu i PD, Lulzim Basha

Më shumë se një muaj më pare, Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës vlerësuan gjyqtarin Ardian Dvorani, ish- kreun e Emërimeve në Drejtësi, si një nga 12 personalitetet më të shquara në botë, në betejë kundër korrupsionit, në fund të një lufte të hapur politike që presidenti Ilir Meta i kishte shpallur atij, pas një fushatë fyerjesh e kërcënimesh për ta frikësuar.

Vendimi i Departamentit Amerikan të Shtetit, ishte një përgjigje pikërisht ndaj betejës së Ilir Metës kundër reformës në drejtësi, që SHBA e ka konsideruar ndërkohë dhe si një interes strategjik të SHBA.

Pas një heshtje një mujore, Ilir Meta në prag të zgjedhjeve parlamentare të 25 prillit, e ka përcaktuar betejën politike kundër Ardian Dvoranit, si objektiv elektoral. Bashkë me të, ai ka përfshirë nën akuzë “disa diplomatë të korruptuar” që mbështesin atë.

“Ardian Dvorani është dhunues i Kushtetutës dhe që në bashkëpunim me disa diplomate të korruptuar bëri atë që beri. Ardian Dvorani do shkojë në burg, nuk ka shpëtim”.

Kjo është deklarata që Ilir Meta bëri në ABC News dhe që shpjegon qartë se objektivi politik i opozitës dhe i atij personalisht, është beteja me Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës dhe këndvështrimin e tyre për reformën në drejtësi në Shqipëri…..



Ifimes: Albania: One step forward, two steps back – Skrapari Mafia Partei LSI des Ilir Meta und Lefter Koka

Gezielt werden reine Vertreter der Verbrecher Kartelle nach Deutschland immer noch eingeladen, wo die Amerikaner die Gestalt, zur „Persona non Grata“ erklärten, Ilir Meta, deshalb nicht in Tirana sein will, als nun Arvizu Tirana besuchte. Gangster Treffen mit Steinmeir, Ilir Meta in Berlin, im September 2017.

Nächste Comedy Show des Mafia Bosses Edi Rama. Das „AntiKCK“ Gesetz und die Gründung der Sondereinheit OFL.

Nard koka
Super Drogen Boss Party, wo 2 links neben Ilir Meta, Leonhard (Nard) Koka ist. Dirket neben Ilir Meta: Xhevdet Troplini und Altin Hajri, die Mord und Drogen Maschine der LSI Partei

Begrüßung des Präsidenten der Republik Albanien mit militärischen Ehren

26. September 2017, Schloss Bellevue

Deutsche Politiker, Diplomaten und die Drogen Kartelle mit Hekuran Hoxha, Saimir Gjepali, Admir Hoxha

Die Steinmeier Drogen Kartell von Ilir Meta, bis „Klement Balili“

Almir Rrapo nur einer der vielen Super Skandale ist. Partnerschaft, mit dem Drogen Baron: Klement Balili, wo er Treffen hatte, jede Festnahme lange verhindert.


2021 Elections in Albania:


“Facadization” of Tirana and “cannabization” of Albania/
Zgjedhjet në Shqipëri 2021: „’Fasadizimi’ i Tiranës dhe ‘kanabizimi’ i Shqipërisë” 


The tenth parliamentary elections in Albania since the fall of the communist regime headed by Enver Hoxha in 1991 are due to take place on 25 April 2021.

At the parliamentary elections 140 members of the Parliament will be elected in 12 multimember constituencies through the open-list system and using proportional representation, with a 1% national threshold and allocation of mandates on the basis of the d’Hondt method.

The demographic changes have led also to changes in the number of seats for specific constituencies. In example, the Tirana constituency will elect 36 representatives, Fier 16, Elbasan 14, Shkodra 11, Lezha 7, Berat 7, and Kukës only three representatives. In February 2019 the opposition withdrew from the work of the Albanian parliament.

The upcoming parliamentary elections will once again mean a confrontation between two political groups, one is gathered around the Socialist Party (PS/S&D) and Prime Minister Edi Rama and the other one is the opposition group led by the Democratic Party (PD/EPP) headed by Lulzim Basha, which includes the Movement for Socialist Integration (LSI) headed by Monika Kryemadhi. However, some minor political parties will also participate. The specificity of these elections is the newly adopted controversial election law which regulates that pre-election coalitions are no longer allowed. The law is aimed to prevent consolidation of the opposition, although the PD and LSI, in cooperation with another minor party, had already announced establishment of a pre-election and postelection coalition. The Democratic Party (PD) and the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) boycotted the local elections[2] that took place on 30 June 2019, which were organized by Edi Rama’s regime. The turnout at the elections was 22.96% and only the Socialist Party (PS) participated in them.

With the collapse of Enver Hoxha’s communist regime in 1991, the retrograde forces in Albania were defeated. Following the arrival of Edi Rama and his Socialist Party (PS), which has its roots in the former communist party of Albania, to power in 2013 these forces were revived through establishment of a regime that is a combination of regimes of Slobodan Milošević and Enver Hoxha.

“Facadization” of Tirana and “cannabization” of Albania

Edi Rama was the Mayor of Tirana from 2000 to 2011. Rama, an academy trained painter, attracted the attention of the international public with the project of “facadization” of Tirana. Rama gave color and design to many old communist-style buildings located all over the city. Some buildings were painted in red, blue and green stripes, while the facades of some buildings were fully decorated with various patterns. While Rama did not manage to resolve more important problems of Tirana, the city has definitely become more appealing thanks to the facelift of facades. However, the “facadization” of Tirana was a cover for money laundering. In fact, in the “facadization period” Rama established and developed his relations with the mafia, which are present to this day. After Edi Rama’s appointment as the Prime Minister, Albania became the “capital of cannabis in Europe”, as cannabis had become the main “industry” with an estimated “annual budget” of four billion Euros.

Numerous officials and closest associates of Prime Minister Rama are involved in crimes. Minister of Internal Affairs Saimir Tahiri (PS) was convicted on 18 September 2019 to five years of imprisonment for serious crimes. The sentence was subsequently reduced to three years and four months due to the shortened trial. The court dismissed the three counts from the indictment by the prosecutor and sentenced him on the count of abuse of office. However, Tahiri will not serve his sentence in prison. The court pronounced a suspended sentence of three years and banned him from holding public office in this period.

His successor in the position of the Minister of Internal Affairs Fatmir Xhafaj (PS) admitted that in Italy his brother had served a sentence of imprisonment for drug trafficking, only after the publication of intercepted phone conversations which revealed that the Minister’s brother was involved in drug trafficking in Vlore, Albania and had offered police protection to criminals.

The agreement achieved on 17 May 2017 between the opposition and the government, at the proposal of the EU and US opened the path to parliamentary elections on 25 June 2017. Representatives of the opposition in the then caretaker government, which according to the agreement was headed by Rama, publicized an official Report revealing that a major number of Rama’s political officials, including his two ministers of internal affairs, were involved in election fraud. The report also documented their connections with criminal networks and how they supported Rama’s tampering with parliamentary elections in 2017. The same election fraud scenario has been prepared for the parliamentary elections scheduled for 25 April 2021 as well.

Instead of pursuing reforms, development and further democratization of the country, Edi Rama launched the process of “cannabization of Albania.” A significant portion of arable land is under cannabis cultivation, and the “business” is in the hands and under the control of political-criminal structures. During the mandate of Edi Rama as the prime minister, Albania became a criminal refuge for criminals from Europe, Asia, North and South America. A mitigating circumstance in Albania for the criminal structures is the visa-free regime, which Albania has with EU member countries, as it enables the criminals to move freely, “do business” and make enormous profit from drug and human trafficking.

In the period from 2014 to 2017, Albania became a leading country in production, supply and trade in cannabis in Europe, as was confirmed by Europol[3], US State Department[4] and the United Nations (UN)[5]. Throughout this period the opposition constantly accused the socialist government, and particularly the Minister of Internal Affairs Saimir Tahiri, of being directly involved in the “narco-business.” After the publication of the official transcripts of intercepted phone conversations on 30 January 2019, it transpired that dozens of socialist representatives, socialist mayors and other senior officials had been directly involved in the organized crime related to purchase of votes, intimidation of voters, forgery of documents and other criminal activities before and during the vote at general elections in 2017. There is clear evidence of collusion at high level between the socialist government and criminals, which led to booming of production and trade of drugs.

The first accusations against Minister Tahiri in relation to drug trafficking were made by Dritan Zagani, Albanian police officer involved in the fight against narco-mafia. After he had been accused of leaking information, he was arrested by the Albanian police. Zagani fled the country and sought asylum in Switzerland. Once in asylum he stated that his arrest was a matter of revenge by Minister Saimir Tahiri for the investigation conducted into Minister’s connections with drug traffickers.

In September 2017, the Albanian opposition proposed constitutional amendments pertaining to the security vetting of all Albanian politicians and investigation into the origin of their property. Following an evident agreement between the Socialist Party and criminal networks, the new socialist majority rejected the proposal.

Media exposes mafia-nature of Rama’s regime

In January 2019, the Voice of America (VOA)[6] broadcasted footage of an official investigation by the office of the prosecutor, which was focused on the criminal gang in Durrës, which is the second largest district in Albania. Some 60 transcripts and CDs testified about the close cooperation between the Avdyli gang and the socialist mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako[7] in the activities related to the purchase of votes and intimidation of voters during the 2017 elections.

In addition to the Voice of America, the German Bild[8] and BIRN[9] also conducted independent journalism investigations that revealed the existence of “Case 339” and “Case 184” in the office of the prosecutor. “Case 339” is related to a dozen of CDs containing information on intercepted phone conversations between the Avdyli gang and socialist ministers, the Durrës mayor, representatives and other senior officials. At the request of German authorities, the Avdyli gang was put under police surveillance in relation to trafficking of hard drugs. The intercepted phone conversations have shown that the Avdyli gang had directly supported socialist representatives in the purchase of votes during the 2107 parliamentary elections in exchange for award of contracts at public tenders, impunity and political support to their criminal activities. “Case 184” proves that the socialist representatives in cooperation with organized crime networks had used the same strategy for purchase of votes in the Dibër county during the partial local elections in 2016. Although the Avdyli gang was convicted for drug trafficking, the judicial system did not address the elections aspect of these cases. At one point in the trial, the prosecution summoned the election commissioner to appear in court as a witness. However, the commissioner was already dead and the prosecution was not aware of that… Have the criminals bribed and established full control of the Albanian judicial system as well?

At the time when crime intensity was at its height, in 20109, neither the Constitutional Court nor the Supreme Court of Albania were in function (due to the inability to reach a political agreement of election of judges). In 2020, thanks to the efforts of Albanian President Ilir Meta the vacant judicial positions were manned. In practice, this simultaneously meant that the opposition was not able to file an appeal with the Constitutional Court, because all the power was concentrated in one man – Prime Minister Edi Rama.

As Prime Minister Rama is in the epicenter of the agreement with criminal networks and has almost absolute power, the opposition was not able to use the legal remedies. Therefore, the opposition constantly invited Rama to resign and in such a way end the agony of the country, which could even result in the collapse of a country.

In February 2019, the Albanian opposition decided to annul its mandates and requested free and fair elections. Since then it has not been participating in the work of the parliament.

Silencing the media as a prerequisite for authoritarian rule  

Edi Rama has embarked on a severe showdown with the media. “Agon Channel” was one of the most ambitious media projects in the Balkans and it was founded in 2013. It gathered media stars, used state of art top notch technology and broadcasted innovative programs which attracted a very large audience. However, everything ended suddenly in October 2015, after Edi Rama had decided to close down this TV station. It seemed that Prime Minister Rama did not appreciate investigative journalism and TV investigations into corruption and election fraud of his government. At the request of the owner of the “Agon Channel”, an Italian citizen and businessman, the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes with the World Bank rendered a decision in April 2019[10] that the Albanian government had violated the law and is due to pay back 111 million Euros for illegal closing down of the TV station. This was a fiasco, both financial and political, for the Rama’s government. However, Rama’s war against free media did not end there. In August 2020, the Albanian government put under state administration and forcible sequestration another media outlet. Specifically, the OraNews, which is one of the most prominent media outlets investigating Rama’s scandals. On the other side, individuals running the Top Channel media group, which publicly promotes a positive media image of Rama’s government, get awarded contracts at public tenders, enjoy privileges, including shares in a very controversial project related to incineration of waste, worth more than 430 million Euros. In both cases, through pressure and financial donations, Prime Minister Rama demonstrated very controversial conduct during his mandate as a prime minister with respect to the freedom of speech and freedom of the media.

In late 2015, Edi Rama started using on daily basis aggressive language against the journalists and derogatory terms for them, including “garbage bins“, fabricators of “lies, slander, stories …”, etc. He asserted the investigating journalism was scandalous and a fabrication by the opposition parties and their media owners. Using the euphoria against fake news generated after the latest elections in the EU and US, he even tried in December 2019, and then in 2020 as well, to adopt a set of laws which would practically introduce censorship of free media and internet publications. The OSCE stated that these laws should “respect the international standards and OSCE commitments on freedom of expression and not impact negatively media freedom in the country.” The Venice Commission[11] of the Council of Europe said the legislative package was extremely problematic. Local and international organizations dealing with the media also filed a complaint against the proposal and identified it as a serious threat to freedom of speech. Finally, in September 2020, the European Commission[12] and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe sent a strong warning against Rama’s rushed (re)actions aimed against free media in Albania.

Unfortunately, it seems that the widely spread crime and corruption are an impediment to the efforts on development of rule of law in Albania. That is the reason behind Rama’s strong attacks on the Albanian media, and particularly his strong readiness and resolve to cover up his links with criminal networks and the underground, as well as his mega-corrupt affairs.

Edi Rama – how a corrupt authoritarian potentate deceives the West

Edi Rama did not manage to rebrand Albanian socialists into a modern European left-wing party, not program-wise nor ideology-wise. The economic recovery, recovery of the society, return of democracy and integration into Europe, as the four key pillars of the program of socialists – have not been implemented. The initial enthusiasm disappeared very quickly and Edi Rama became the symbol of “cannabization of Albania” and the boom of organized crime and narco business. Using the already tested recipe in the region, Rama draws the attention of the public away from these issues by focusing on nationalism and nationalist rhetoric.

Albania has become a case-country when it comes to the silencing of the media. At the same time, public-private partnerships with criminal structures, as a new modern combination of the authoritarian model, are being established in the Balkans before the eyes of the public. As Albania is a country with the highest level of public support to membership in the EU, it is surprising to see how much the integration process has been postponed since 2013. Specifically, since the beginning of the authoritarian rule of Edi Rama, which is maybe the reason behind all the postponements.

The reasons for the existing situation could be found in the “intimate” and direct cooperation between the Albanian Socialist Party (PS) and organized crime networks. The election of individuals with serious criminal files to the parliament and local municipalities resulted in intensification of activities of criminal networks related to production and trafficking of drugs. Such a development was facilitated through their direct cooperation with the executive branch and the tolerance demonstrated by judicial bodies. Subsequently, this was also an additional impetus to the phenomenon of purchase of votes with the funds from criminal and illegal profits from narcotics.

In the conditions of unprecedented undermining of democratic standards, rule of law and balance of forces, MPs from the united Albanian opposition resigned from the Parliament. They also refused to participate at the last local elections which were held in Albania on 30 June 2019, believing that fair and free elections cannot be held under the existing circumstances. As a result, Rama simultaneously took over all the key positions in all the municipalities, the state, legislative and executive branches. As the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court were not functional due to the postponement of the vetting procedures – and it is now debatable whether all this was premeditated as well – Rama became the absolute potentate, who de facto has absolute control of all the segments of the state and society. The key question is who on the West provides support to Rama’s rule and which foreign officials are involved in Rama’s corruption octopus? How does Rama, as a corrupt potentate, deceive the West? The Covid-19 pandemic has further exposed the fatality of Rama’s regime for citizens of Albania.

Lulzim Basha – the leader who can take Albania into the EU

Lulzim Basha is a different kind of a political leader in Albania. On one side, he is a family man who is in direct communication with the people and daily contact with citizens, owners of small and medium size companies, and particularly the youth. He is fully available and at service to every citizen. His doors are open to all citizens who seek his assistance.

On the other side, Basha also maintains a broad network of personal contacts with leaders and heads of states and governments of EU member countries, who regularly talk to him. They engage in consultations and talk about the “day after”, that is the day after Edi Rama steps down from power.

After eight years of authoritarian regime and postponement of integration into the EU, Albania is stagnating in its political development.   Basha, who brought Albania into NATO and achieved the visa-free regime agreement, believes that he has the strength to take Albania to full-fledged membership in the EU. Furthermore, Basha’s political career is spotless, free of crime or corruption.

Is the EU ready and does it want to absorb positive changes in Albania and Western Balkans?

Is the EU ready to absorb the collapse of the regimes in North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and now Albania and to follow the positive trends or will it cooperate with and encourage criminal-corrupted regimes?

The Slovenian chairmanship of the EU will have a key challenge related to the Western Balkans. Specifically, to get a decision on collective integration into the EU for all six Western Balkans countries adopted during the Slovenian chairmanship. Slovenia, as well, was co-opted into the EU in a group of 10 countries in 2004. This is a political decision, which if not adopted will mean not just a political fiasco of Slovenia on the Western Balkans, but maybe even the loss of the Western Balkans for the EU for good. Namely, in a multitude of offers from other interest spheres the Western Balkans could consider pursuing other options.

PD toppled Enver Hoxha’s regime, so it can topple Edi Rama’s regime as well 

Nobody believed that after the overthrow of Enver Hoxha’s regime in 1991, a new regime, which not only reminds of Enver Hoxha’s regime but is a combination of Hoxha’s and Slobodan Milošević’s regimes, would ever be established in Albania again.   Well, history has evidently repeated itself in Albania.

Analysts remind that the Democratic Party had toppled the Enver Hoxha’s regime and that, in cooperation with the modern left-wing Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) and with the support of Albanian citizens at the upcoming elections, it can have the strength to topple Edi Rama’s regime, which is a combination of Slobodan Milošević’s and Enver Hoxha’s regimes. Sali Berisha (PD) and Ilir Meta (LSI), as veterans of Albanian politics, are aware of their historical responsibility and that Albania cannot have a prosperous future under Edi Rama. The fall of Rama’s regime will open a new opportunity for Albania and a new chapter in its development. Albania should not miss this opportunity and its development can be successfully led by Lulzim Basha, as the new Albanian prime minister, who enjoys broad and strong support of key European leaders, particularly those from the European People’s Party (EPP) in the EU.

Ljubljana/Tirana/Brussels/Washington, 3 April 2021

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