Neu Beginn der Justiz, weil Nichts funktioniert

Gibt komplett eine neue Justiz

Das Deutsche Null Kompetenz Modell wurde kopiert: die Generalstaatanwaltschaft in Albanien

Die EU „useful idiots“ Justiz, IRZ – Stiftung, Agnes Bernhard im Inkompetenz System von gefährlich Dummen

Gender, Frauen, Justiz und das Chaos, wird von von Berlin, der EU organisiert im Balkan, bis Albanien

Socialist MP opposes new national map of courts: The Ministry of Justice violated the law

01/07/2022 19:17

The chaotic situation caused by the boycott of the lawyers due to the changes in the map of the country’s courts and the reduction of a part of them by the government, has made voices grow even within the ranks of the majority.

Socialist MP Fatmir Xhafaj spoke with accusatory language towards the two institutions that have sketched the new judicial map.

Xhafaj: “Both the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Judicial Council are in serious violation of the law, and it has been two weeks now that there have been no trials”.

The debate on the new judicial map was transferred to the Assembly by the opposition, which insists on the accountability of the authors of the new judicial map.

The performance of the justice institutions was also scrutinized by the legislators, as the drafter of the constitutional amendments did not hide his dissatisfaction with the double standard of the prosecutors.

Xhafaj: “The number of criminal offenses in 2021 has decreased. The use of these instruments is much lower. Why? Because the prosecutors don’t want to do this and because they have other goals, even corrupt ones, and they say that the court won’t accept them”.

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Two sons alienate their mother’s property in cooperation with the state Cadastre officials 21:29

Auf den Trümmern, der EU Justiz Mission, soll endlich das Verfassungs Gericht wieder Funktion erhalten

Washington Times, über die gekaufte Justiz Mission EURALIUS, IRZ-Stiftung durch die Albaner Mafia

Die Ober Idioten loben sich wieder mal selbst! Die komplette EU Justiz Mission EURALIUS, IRZ Stiftung wurden direkt von den Georg Soros Leute eingekauft, inklusive der EU Botschaft, was umgehend zum Desaster führte, als Rainer Deville wegging, den Affen Zirkus der absoaluten Inkompetenz,  um illegale Posten wie hier nicht mitmachen wollte.

Gerti Shalla, Jan Rudolph, Marcus Johnson (USAID), welche als Verbrecher Organisation auftrat, über den AAEF Fund, wohl 1 Milliarde stahl, Geldwäsche Banken eröffnete, für Drogen Geschäfte und Landdiebstahl mit gefälschten Urkunden.

Die EU „useful idiots“ Justiz, IRZ – Stiftung, Agnes Bernhard im Inkompetenz System von gefährlich Dummen

EU Verbrecher Bande in Tirana, der Inkompetenz

Das Kriminelle Enterprise, der angeblichen Justiz, von der EU, der „IRZ Stiftung“ den Deutschen organisiert, finanziert

2 Gedanken zu „Neu Beginn der Justiz, weil Nichts funktioniert“

  1. Die ganze Justiz ist dich, durch Anwalts Boykott

    Lawyers continue their protest against the courts reform; On Thursday, a gathering in front of the HJC headquarters
    12/07/2022 21:18

    The boycott of court hearings by lawyers who oppose the merger of at least 18 courts in the country, has not brought any reaction from the Supreme Judicial Council.

    New judicial map; Lawyers request suspension until the deal of the new territorial map
    13/07/2022 21:16

    In order to resolve the several weeks lawyers boycott on the new courts map, the Chamber of Advocates has proposed to the government today its suspension until the drafting of the new territorial map.

    The proposal was made by the head of the Chamber of Advocacy, Maksim Haxhia, who, among other things, requested that politics stay away from the issue.

    “In order not to leave room for interpretations or accusations, we have been and will be in favor of the justice reform, but the judicial map is not the justice reform. It is supposed to be the creation of an infrastructure to help the efficiency of justice, so that we have a qualitative justice.

    “We have made it clear that we represent the public, it is one of those cases when the interests of the chamber coincide with the interests of the citizens. We have a problem with justice being efficient with this map, because it is not”, said Haxhia, referring to the changes that significantly reduce the number of courts in Albania.


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