Die Vlore Grundstücks Mafia, schickt Touristen zu einer Phantom Antiken Stätte

Dort hat es nie etwas wichtiges gegeben! Real wollen die Banden, die Grundstücke stehlen und mit gefälschten Dokumenten dort bauen und sofort verkaufen. So lief das überall in Albanien. Ein Staat der sich auflöst.

Touristen wollen da durchfahren, für Phantom Antike Stätten, was für ein Witz und dann in den Medien vermarkten

After incident in Gramsh, security is increased in the old Albanian military and naval bases

23/08/2022 21:51

Italian, Spanish and Belgian tourists seeking to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Orik today (Tuesday) faced added roadblocks.

Before Saturday’s incident at the military factory in Gramsh, it was easier to enter of the former submarines’ navy base in Pashaliman, on the coast of Vlora.

“I have come to visit this place for the third day in a row, but it is impossible to enter, they do not allow us. We are a bit upset that we are wasting a lot of time” – says a tourist from Barcelona.

“They told us that it is closed and we cannot enter, no one explained the reason, I know it is a former military base” – says another tourist.

Angel from Catalonia has read in the tourist brochures about the park and the history of the base but today he could not enter as he was stopped at the checkpoint.

The development comes after the incident a day ago when two Russian citizens tried to enter the armaments factory in Gramsh which resulted in a fight with the guards.

“I saw it on the Internet and it seemed like a very interesting place. What we want to see are the antiques and if possible photograph them. But it was impossible to enter” – adds the tourist in Vlora.

A group of tourists also from Belgium could not enter this archaeological park after they saw that other visitors were returning.

According to employee Hysen Abilaliaj, there have been cases where mostly Albanian and Italian tourists have separated from their groups to visit the military base, but have been identified and stopped at the checkpoint.

In the past, there have been no shortage of cases when tourists have tried to enter the former naval base in Pashalaiman, claiming that they had confused the road or with other reasons, says the employee.

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Überfälle am hellichten Tag auf kleine Geschäfte, wie in 1997,1998

und immer wieder Kriminelle im Polizeidienst

Off-duty police officers escape assassination attempt by moving car in Vlora

Video; Police detain three suspects for the attack in Milot, where the 60-year-old man was shot in his shop

25/08/2022 20:45

He pulls out his gun and tries to fire, but appears startled by the reaction of the shop-owner who hits the armed attacker with jars from the store’s shelves.

Fortunately, the attack failed and no one was killed, although the injured man was taken to hospital.

The police say they are searching for the perpetrator who ran away scared after shooting, while with the footage of the security cameras, an expertise will be carried out to find out which of the three detained persons is the perpetrator.

In the footage of the security cameras, it appears that 60 years old Besim Zeneli, owner of a kosk on the Milot-Thumane road axis in northern Albania, was shot while closing his shop.

The masked perpetrator shoots him leaving the 60-year-old wounded.

The investigation group is convinced that the event is related to a bloodfeud, for an event that happened years ago, after which the brother of the shot person had left Albania.

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Der Albanische Polizei Apparat ist Schrott, selbst ein Kriminelles Enterprise

Das Versagen eines Staates, wenn Idioten Polizei Chefs werden. Das Mafia Boots Desaster in Albanien August 6, 2022

Unter der EU Polizei MIssion PAMACA II vor allem wurde Albanien eines der sichersten Länder in Europa. Ab 2008 kamen die Britten, Amerikaner übernahmen die Mission, verwandelten Albanien erneut in ein Tollhouse, was ab 2010 besonders deutlich wurde, als Nachts überall die Läden wieder mit Metall Rolladen verschlossen wurden. Name des Leiters: Klaus Schmid, ein Deutscher.

Wirksame Hilfe im Kampf gegen die organisierte Kriminalität in Albanien

Anfang des Jahres hat Deutschland die Führung der europäischen Mission zur Unterstützung der albanischen Polizei (PAMECA) übernommen. Mit dem Leiter der Mission, Klaus Schmidt, sprach DW-RADIO in Tirana.


Polizei Posten, wurden für Geld verkauft, durchaus für wichtige Posten, Tirana, Durres 200.000 $ oder der Flugplatz Posten: 250.000 $ (in 1996) wo die Schichtführer praktisch Geld erpressen mussten, beim Chef abliefern, um den Posten zu behalten

Verifications against elite police officers are increased after the arrest of the agent compromised with the crime world

26/08/2022 21:33

After the arrest of Jeton Lami, the agent of the police operational forces who was seen in company of a dangerous person wanted by the police, the Police Supervision Agency said today that it is verifying all the officers of the Operational Unit and the Renea special group.

The agency said it is verifying possible double employment of the officers, as well as their contacts outside working hours. The police have information that some of the officers of these elite units work outside of working hours as bodyguards of persons with criminal charges, which implicates them in illegal activities.

In some of the recent mafia murders in the country that are still unsolved, it is suspected that the executioners were professionals in the use of firearms, which casts doubts on the elite units of the State Police.

The arrest in July of this year of the former RENEA unit officer Remal Rada, who a few months after his resignation was caught moving with a sniper gun in his car, raised the alarm at the Police Supervision Agency, which in the face of these facts is applying a detailed filter for members of elite units.

Albania Pushes for ‘Golden Passports’ Despite EU Criticism

Brussels argues the plan goes against EU values and warns it could cause problems for Albania’s bid to join the bloc.

Steinmeier – Ilir Meta, seine Drogen und Verbrecher Kartelle: Klement Balili

Die Steinmeier Drogen Kartell von Ilir Meta, bis „Klement Balili“

Ilir Meta’s Drogen Kartelle von „Ylli Ndroqi“ alias Xhemail Pasmaçiu, Klement Balili, bis Altin Hajri bis Frank Walter Steinmeier

Nächste Comedy Show des Mafia Bosses Edi Rama. Das „AntiKCK“ Gesetz und die Gründung der Sondereinheit OFL.

Nard koka
Super Drogen Boss Party, wo 2 links neben Ilir Meta, Leonhard (Nard) Koka ist. Dirket neben Ilir Meta: Xhevdet Troplini und Altin Hajri, die Mord und Drogen Maschine der LSI Partei

10 Jahre Haft für „Klement Balili“ Mitglied im Drogenkartell des Steinmeier/Ilir Meta

Neue Betrugs Projekt von Bechtel, dem IFC in Albanien: Staudämme, in Naturschutz Gebieten

Die Betrugs PPP Projekte zerstören Albanien: Deutschland, Minister, KfW war der Lehrmeister, dieses Betruges

Environment & Society

Comment: Skavica Dam — The Last Thing Albania Needs

From: Andrey Ralev 22-07-2022 at 16:00

Comment: Skavica Dam — The Last Thing Albania Needs

Greenfield hydropower projects bring serious risks for people and nature which very often outweigh the economic benefits. In the worst cases, huge areas of land are flooded, many people need to abandon their homeland, rivers are converted into artificial reservoirs, wild animals are brought to extinction and the country is left with foreign debts and a climate-vulnerable energy system.

Considering all these criteria, the planned Skavica dam in Albania is extremely damaging. Nonetheless, according to the Albanian government, the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is considering financing it, even though the project would fall under the DFC’s list of Categorically Prohibited Projects.

Albania relies heavily on hydropower, with 95 per cent of its domestically produced electricity generated this way. Its annual electricity generation has suffered from lack of water due to climate change and it will get even worse according to the World Bank. Albania should invest in energy efficiency, wind and solar plants and reconstruction of existing dams, rather than building more of the same.

The Dibra valley under water

The Skavica hydropower project includes a large dam built in a pristine gorge with high cliffs next to the village of Skavica in the municipality of Kukës. The most significant impacts would be in the municipality of Dibër. The huge reservoir would impact, according to the municipality, up to 15,138 hectares (58 square miles) of land, mostly agricultural land and forests, but also 41 villages. With several thousand people displaced, Skavica may have the worst social impacts of any dam built in Europe in the 21st century.

So far, no official information about the design and location of the dam is available, as the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. But according to the project promoter, the Albanian Energy Corporation (KESH), the dam will probably be 147 metres high.

Decisions made far from the public eye

In July 2021, seemingly without any tender procedure, a preliminary contract was signed between the state-owned KESH and the US construction giant Bechtel for the first phase of the project which entails carrying out technical investigation, building access roads for construction and carrying out an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA). This was preceded by a special law approved in parliament (No. 38/2021), with the name of the company included in the law, therefore eliminating open procurement and competition. Already, a similar special law for the building of the national theatre was deemed unconstitutional by the Albanian Constitutional court.

Bechtel has gained notoriety in southeast Europe for its involvement in several unsuccessful and/or overpriced projects, like in Kosovo, Romania and North Macedonia. This raises the risk of possible corruption and doubts about the value for money of the project, as well as the meaningfulness of the forthcoming environmental impact assessment. If deals for the project have already been arranged behind closed doors, then the ESIA is bound to come up with the ‘right’ answer, irrespective of its actual findings.

Local people have organised many protests in Albania and the US against the planned plant and the decision-making. In 2020 the police fined two of the organisers of one such protest, ‘as a way’, they claim, ‘for the institutions to scare the people from reacting to official decisions’. The Facebook group Opposition to Skavica Dam has almost 4,000 followers and a petition has been signed by more than 2,000 people.

The rarest cat in Europe brought to extinction

In addition to the inevitable negative impacts on local communities and the violation of their human rights, the dam would also inundate floodplains, forests and pastures around the river where many species threatened in the rest of Europe are common.

But one of the animals is especially endangered, in fact, it is the rarest cat in Europe. The Balkan lynx (Lynx lynx balcanicus) has less than 40 individuals remaining in the wild. The gorge of the Black Drin, which has inaccessible cliffs and forests far from villages, is the only area where the lynx can cross between the Mavrovo National Park in North Macedonia and the Munella mountain in Albania. The building of the dam would isolate the only two viable populations and condemn them to extinction.

The Skavica dam would also inundate the most extensive floodplain forest in Albania – the forest along the Black Drin River composed of black alder (Alnus glutinosa), black poplar (Populus nigra) and willows (Salix sp.). It is a priority habitat according to the EU Habitats Directive. Conservation of this forest is necessary to store more carbon in the soil, especially critical in the country with the highest deforestation rate in Europe (which led to a ban on logging being imposed in 2015).

It’s surprising that Albania is still pushing hydropower development. Hydropower will not resolve the country’s energy crisis, and will endanger not only nature and wildlife, but also the people of Dibra who will be forced to leave behind their homes and the lands on which they depend. It will only get harder to build new hydropower plants in the future, due to climate vulnerability, the region’s unique biodiversity and public resistance. Given the above situation, we expect that the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) will refrain from financing the Skavica hydropower plant.

The Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign aims to protect the most valuable rivers in the Balkans from building hydropower plants. The campaign is coordinated by the NGOs Riverwatch and EuroNatur, and is being run jointly with partner organisations from the Balkans.

This article originally appeared on bankwatch.org and is republished with their full permission.

Elson Kalaveri hingerichtet in Italien

Mafia Hinrichtungen: Elbasan, Fiere/Vlore, Sarande

Makina brenda së cilës u ekzekutua 36-vjçari shqiptar në Pisa, Itali


Arsen Rusta 

EKSKLUZIVE/ Ezekutohet në Itali për hakmarrje Elson Kalaveri, i arrestuar në vitin 2014 se qëlloi me plumb në kokë brenda në komisariatin e Mamurrasit fqinjin

Shqiptari i vrarë ditën e djeshme në rajonin e pisa itali është  Elson Kalaveri, një emër i njohur i policisë në Shqipëri. Report Tv mëson se bëhet fjalë për Elson Kalaveri, i arrestuar në Shqipëri për plagosje në Mamurras. Policia Italiane dhe ajo shqiptare kanë ngritur grup të përbashkët hetimor

Arsen Rusta 

EKSKLUZIVE/ Ezekutohet në Itali për hakmarrje Elson Kalaveri, i arrestuar në vitin 2014 se qëlloi me plumb në kokë brenda në komisariatin e Mamurrasit fqinjin

Shqiptari i vrarë ditën e djeshme në rajonin e pisa itali është  Elson Kalaveri, një emër i njohur i policisë në Shqipëri. Report Tv mëson se bëhet fjalë për Elson Kalaveri, i arrestuar në Shqipëri për plagosje në Mamurras. Policia Italiane dhe ajo shqiptare kanë ngritur grup të përbashkët hetimor