Alt Kommunist, „Sigurime“ Man: Skender Gjinushi, beleidigte eine Journalistin

Peinlich wenn solche Gestalten wie Gjin Gjoni, nund Skender Gjinushi, auch noch Leiter des Wissenschafts Akademie werden und dann sofort nervig reagiert, wenn eine Journalistin Fragen stellt. Skender Gjinjushi, hatte auch einmal eine Schmuggler Boot Flotte.


Outrage After Albanian Politician And Academic Sexually Harasses Female Journalist

Skënder Gjinushi, the new head of the Albanian Academy of Sciences, as well as head of the Social Democratic Party, has been criticized for his sexist comments towards a female journalist. During a press conference after being elected into his new position, which he was the only candidate for, he offended and…