State Cadastre Agency und die Digitalisierung der Grundstücke

Alles ist praktisch gefälscht in Albanien und so werden alle Dokumente überprüft, die Grundstücke neu erfasst. Deutschland, die EU und NATO, USAID finanzierten jeden Verbrecher Bau mit gefälschten Urkunden. Vor allem der USAID Fund: AAEF mit der American Bank of Albania


TIRANA, May 14 /ATA/PM Edi Rama stated on Thursday that online application will ease entire process likening it to a genuine and meaningful revolution in terms of the concrete result causing the bureaucratic and corrupt system to collapse.

At the video conference organized with the Director of State Cadastre Agency, Artan Lame, and Director General of the National Agency for Information Society (AKSHI), Mirlinda Karcanaj, on the new online application for immovable properties registration office services, Prime Minister Rama said: Can you believe that the 30-year ordeal of immovable properties registration office has been put to rest and thanks to the genuine digital revolution 2020, the property document can be obtained from home either via the cell phone or PC in just a few minutes? ”

30-year ordeal of immovable properties registration office laid to rest thanks to digital revolution/ Rama: Property certificate can be obtained from home via phone or PC

State Cadastral Agency



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State Agency of Cadastre
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Ministry of Justice
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2017: Albania enhances property data and modernises registration services

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State Cadastral Agency