Kein Arzt mehr arbeitet im Krankenhaus in „Kruja“

Folgen einer kriminellen Abwerbe Politik der Deutschen, wo die Leute dann in Sklaven Arbeitstellen in Privatkrankenhäusern ausgebeutet werden. Nach 6 Monaten sind diese Leute fertig in Deutschland und Wracks

Kruja Hospital has no doctors; No one applies to work there, the sick travel to Tirana

19/11/2022 21:33

 In the only hospital in the town of Kruja, north of Tirana, there is no obstetrician-gynecologist doctor on duty all week. A single doctor currently working the shift is unable to cope with the patient flow in the gynecology ward.

In the best of cases, there are two specialist obstetricians and gynecologists in the operating room of the ward, but this only happens when it is planned by the doctors and the patient. But if an emergency for surgical intervention is presented in this hospital, the patient must wait for the doctor to come from Tirana.

This waiting time puts human lives at risk, that of the mother as well as of the baby.

But this is not the only medical profile that lacks staff. For more than a year, this hospital is also looking for an imaging specialist, but so far no doctor has applied to become part of the Kruja hospital medical staff.

The citizens of Kruja say that in this hospital they cannot even perform basic laboratory tests, and that the solution to problems remains going to private clinics.

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