Die Vlore Grundstücks Mafia, schickt Touristen zu einer Phantom Antiken Stätte

Dort hat es nie etwas wichtiges gegeben! Real wollen die Banden, die Grundstücke stehlen und mit gefälschten Dokumenten dort bauen und sofort verkaufen. So lief das überall in Albanien. Ein Staat der sich auflöst.

Touristen wollen da durchfahren, für Phantom Antike Stätten, was für ein Witz und dann in den Medien vermarkten

After incident in Gramsh, security is increased in the old Albanian military and naval bases

23/08/2022 21:51

Italian, Spanish and Belgian tourists seeking to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Orik today (Tuesday) faced added roadblocks.

Before Saturday’s incident at the military factory in Gramsh, it was easier to enter of the former submarines’ navy base in Pashaliman, on the coast of Vlora.

“I have come to visit this place for the third day in a row, but it is impossible to enter, they do not allow us. We are a bit upset that we are wasting a lot of time” – says a tourist from Barcelona.

“They told us that it is closed and we cannot enter, no one explained the reason, I know it is a former military base” – says another tourist.

Angel from Catalonia has read in the tourist brochures about the park and the history of the base but today he could not enter as he was stopped at the checkpoint.

The development comes after the incident a day ago when two Russian citizens tried to enter the armaments factory in Gramsh which resulted in a fight with the guards.

“I saw it on the Internet and it seemed like a very interesting place. What we want to see are the antiques and if possible photograph them. But it was impossible to enter” – adds the tourist in Vlora.

A group of tourists also from Belgium could not enter this archaeological park after they saw that other visitors were returning.

According to employee Hysen Abilaliaj, there have been cases where mostly Albanian and Italian tourists have separated from their groups to visit the military base, but have been identified and stopped at the checkpoint.

In the past, there have been no shortage of cases when tourists have tried to enter the former naval base in Pashalaiman, claiming that they had confused the road or with other reasons, says the employee.

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Überfälle am hellichten Tag auf kleine Geschäfte, wie in 1997,1998

und immer wieder Kriminelle im Polizeidienst

Off-duty police officers escape assassination attempt by moving car in Vlora

Video; Police detain three suspects for the attack in Milot, where the 60-year-old man was shot in his shop

25/08/2022 20:45

He pulls out his gun and tries to fire, but appears startled by the reaction of the shop-owner who hits the armed attacker with jars from the store’s shelves.

Fortunately, the attack failed and no one was killed, although the injured man was taken to hospital.

The police say they are searching for the perpetrator who ran away scared after shooting, while with the footage of the security cameras, an expertise will be carried out to find out which of the three detained persons is the perpetrator.

In the footage of the security cameras, it appears that 60 years old Besim Zeneli, owner of a kosk on the Milot-Thumane road axis in northern Albania, was shot while closing his shop.

The masked perpetrator shoots him leaving the 60-year-old wounded.

The investigation group is convinced that the event is related to a bloodfeud, for an event that happened years ago, after which the brother of the shot person had left Albania.

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