Blöd blamiert sich in der Welt. Albaner wandern aus

Alle wollen nur noch weg aus Albanien, auch Welche, die gut gehende Bars in Zentrem Lage haben. Die Verblödung der Albaner ist nicht zu übersehen, wenn man lange Zeit nicht arbeitet, auch nie gelernt hat.

Eurostat: Over 521,000 Albanians have migrated to EU countries since 2002

Posted: 20 Mar 2022 01:44 PM PDT

The latest post on Albanian Blogger was about some disturbing but factual stats about the education levels of young professionals in Albania.

I’m of the conviction that the current state of our education reflects deficient governmental policies which continue to be very narrow minded and short sited regarding Albania’s development in the future.

Any textbook or family person would insist that education is a sure foundation pillar for the future of any individual or nation. Thus, considering these statistics, we do not seem to be set toward a very bright future indeed!

Moreover, in other Eurostat reports, over 521,000 Albanian’s have emigrated to the EU since 2002, coupled with a decreasing number of births, economists predict more difficulties ahead.

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