Haft Befehl gegen den Betrüger: Rezart Taci, wegen Internationaler Geldwäsche, für 6 Italiensche Mafia Bosse

Businessman Rezart Taçi declared wanted, brother-in-law and former bodyguard arrested for money laundering
11/12 20:43

Albanian authorities have issued arrest warrants for well-known entrepreneur Rezart Taçi and two of his associates, suspected of being involved in a large money laundering scheme.

Entrepreneur Taçi is believed to be abroad, while his two collaborators, brother-in-law Artur Balla and former bodyguard Bledar Lilo, are now handcuffed.

According to the SPAK special prosecutor’s office, from the evidence gathered in cooperation with the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office in Italy, reasonable suspicions have been raised about a complex international illegal financial operation.

The money laundering scheme was run by several Italian citizens, including the entrepreneur Francesco Zummo, previously suspected of links to the Cosa Nostra mafia organization.

The persons have made a transfer to a bank in Albania of about 19 million euros, the further transfer of which is suspected to have been carried out by Taçi and his associates, through their companies.

18 million euros have been seized by SPAK, while Rezart Taçi denies any connection with this money laundering scheme.

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