Geldwäsche ohne Ende und Betrug: 20 Jahre die Politik Grundräuberei vor allem in Süd Albanien und Durres



Thursday, April 23, 2020

Legalization of Laundering Money in Albania, a potential blow to eliminate the Greek Minority in Northern Epirus.


The Greek government, which systematically monitors the bank savings of about 800,000 Albanian immigrants, must block Albania’s initiative to legalize money laundering, as it poses a real threat to the disappearance of the Greek Community in Northern Epirus, especially in Himara Region..

The Prime Minister, Edi Rama, has announced the discussion in the Parliament of a Legal procedure, of the introduction of Illegal Money from the World of Crime in the Albanian Banks.

This would create the most dangerous precedent for the elimination of the Greek Minority, especially on the Southern Ionian Coast, Vlora – Himara – Saranda, by buying assets, property and territories from billions of euros of legalized crime and drugs.

Albania risks turning into a troubled state, which, through a special law, will be able to legalize about 60 billion euros in assets of organized crime, drugs and the mafia, an amount as much as 10 times the annual GDP of Albania. For every amount of money, the state will hold about 3% of the value, while Banks, which are almost Albanian and Turkish capital, will have the opportunity to clean and legalize this financial process, to narco Albanian traffickers around the world.

Although the government adheres to the statement that there are thousands of Albanian workers working in the „Black“ West, this in some way blames the EU countries, which must declare that Albanian emigrants, working illegally in the EU, can not It is argued that the amount of 60 billion euros is part of their honest work, while about 90% of this amount is thought to come from the Albanian and foreign Mafia and organized crime.

But the main concern is about the properties that the government passed in Parliament, a law that paves the way for the Albanian mafia to claim ownership of properties that are coveted for tourism, and in most cases, belong to, the Greek Community.

The legalization of crime finances makes it possible to destroy the real estate market, a method that would open the possibility for Muslim oligarchs to buy at a high price all the lands of the Greeks who live, especially in the Himara Region.

The effects of this strategy can infect Greece, where the Albanian mafia can transact numerous finances, to destroy the real estate market in Greece and especially in the tourism sector, maritime structure, etc.

This would be a national defeat for Greece, as it relied on it to join the EU, a country like Albania, which is returning to camouflaged chauvinist methods, to eliminate by seduction the Greek National Minority in Northern Epirus. to buy property and other assets and remove them from their historical territory.