Eldorado für Kriminelle: Deutschland und Geldwäsche, Betrug, Fake Firmen. Gerber Consult, und Paolo Rizzatto in Albanien

Fake Firmen Gründung, der Mafia mit allen Merkmalen, einer Fake Firma.

Reine Mafia Betrugs Firmen, die Geldwäsche mit gefälschten Dokumenten und Grundstücken in Albanien: Schein Direktoren und Aktivitäten und immer Consults. Paolo Rizzatto, und Gerber Consult erweckt das Interesse der Medien, aber es gibt Tausende solche Konstruktionen. Consult, kann sich jeder Hochstabler und Betrüger nennen, was auch so gehandhabt wird seit 20 Jahren. Wichtig sind solche Schlagworte des Betruges: Inovations, aber nie wird etwas dann real funktionieren, wie bei der Bundeswehr usw.. Immobilienn Gewinne, über angebliche Grundstücks Verkäufe und Erwerb, Appartments, Phantom Firmen, Abschreibungs Betrug, Albanien wird seit 20 Jahren, mit dem NATO Auftritt, wie in Dubai, von Kriminellen geflutet, nur für Geldwäsche. Nichts wissen wieder mal die Vrioni Familie, das man Land verkaufte, kaufte, oder kennt diese Gestalten. Aber Notare, beglaubigen auch Grundstücke Käufe, von Toten, was normal ist im EU, Berliner, NATO Desaster im Lande.

Tall Story: Stashed Cash but No Crime in Albanian Court

Illustration: Jurgena Tahiri/BIRN. Photo: Belgian Police/Elvis Vladi

May 28, 202007:37

Five men stood accused of laundering 3.4 million euros hidden in two used cars stopped at an Albanian port. Then a German man called Carlo said everything was legit and the case collapsed.

After a short visit to serious crime prosecutors, Rizzatto left Albania the same day, mission accomplished:

Within the year, money-laundering charges against Vladi and four others had been dropped, as one of Albania’s most sensational criminal cases of recent years unraveled.

Court documents reviewed by BIRN, however, show prosecutors never corroborated Rizzatto’s story, but that did not stop the judge in the case from dismissing the charges.

The defendants now face the minor charge of failing to declare cash at the border; even if found guilty, they stand to get the money back.

The dramatic turn of events raises fresh questions about the state of Albania’s justice system even after years of reform efforts nudged along by the European Union and the United States.

“Prosecutors had no proof except for the 3.4 million euros,” Radovan Cela, a lawyer for three of the defendants, including Vladi, told BIRN. “Judge Fran Prendi’s decision was one of the best I ever read.”

He said of Rizzatto: “I see Carlo as a credible man.”

Chief suspect disappeared………………………..

Rizzatto produced a bank statement which he said proved he had deposited the money in his own account 12 years earlier as the proceeds of legitimate business activities at “Friedrich STR 29, in Germany”.

This is highly unlikely, according to BIRN’s findings.

Rizzatto is indeed registered in Germany as director of a company called Gerber Consulting GmbH, operating out of Friedrichstrasse 29 in the northern German town of Iserlohn. But according to the German Business Registry, he has only been registered as such since February 19 last year, when the company changed its name and address.

The company was originally founded by Turkish citizen Durmus Acikgoz in 2014 and was sold in February 2019 to Khathinda Gerber, who nominated Rizzatto as director.

Its balance sheet shows assets of just 33,000 euros and paid capital of 100,000 when it was sold in February 2019.

BIRN also found holes in the land purchase part of Rizzatto’s story.

Fejzo of BHF Consulting testified in November 2019 that he acted as an intermediary in an agreement between his client, the Vrioni family as owners of the plot at Seman beach, and Vladi. ……..The company was originally founded by Turkish citizen Durmus Acikgoz in 2014 and was sold in February 2019 to Khathinda Gerber, who nominated Rizzatto as director.


However, the Vrioni family, descendants of the largest landowners in Albania before World War Two, denied any knowledge of an offer to buy their land….