PD produzierte Studenten Demonstrationen in Tirana, Durres

Die Albanische Bildung, ist wohl die Schlechteste der Welt, gefakte Diplome Standard. update: Foto vom 15 Dezember: mehr Journalisten, Polizei als Studenten in der üblichen bezahlten Georg Soros: Demo Show.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-12-14 13-15-18

Vor 10 Jahren, im Spiegel über die Bildung:

Studium in Albanien „So bekommt ihr nur Esel“

Deppen Land von Georg Soros und der  DAAD

Qualifikation Null, Kompetenz absolut Null, wie bei anderen Botschafterinnen in Tirana, Original Georg Soros Leute in Tradition

Die grössten DP Idioten, wie Lulzim Basha, Arkimed Lushaj, organisieren die Demonstrationen, mit Studenten, welche selbst nie etwas lernen werden, funktionale Analphabeten sind.Ähnliches Foto

Die Tropoje, Drogen, Räuber Studenten des Lushaj Clans demontrieren ebenso.

KAS: European investors do not come to Albania because Justice is lacking.

Deutsche Bildung als Satire, wobei die Albanische Bildung schon peinlich war in 1995, als die selbst ernannten Ziegenhirten des Salih Berisha: Lehrer, Professoren, Admiräle, Generäle wurden, wo ein Staat so nie funktionierten kann, aber zum Tummel Platz der Betrüger und Abzocker wurde.

Im dümmsten Staat der Welt: auch die Gebiets Reform funktioniert absolut Nicht

National Employment Service: niedriges Bildungsniveau ist eine schwere Hürde für die Beschäftigung

1 : 1 Übernommen: das dümmliche Quoten Frauen System der „Gender“ Mafia

Die EU Mafia, will die gekauften ID, gefakten Diplome, Schulzeugnisse, Fake Ausbildung anerkennen

Der Bildungsbetrug: Berufsausbildung mit Regierung nahen Idioten
Albanian Protests Channel Wider Anger With Rama Govt

Behind the protests in Albania over rises in tuition fees, a deeper disappointment with a Socialist government that many say favours the rich seems to be emerging.

Gjergj Erebara BIRN TiranaAlbania’s Prime Minister, Edi Rama, repeatedly called for “dialogue” with rebellious students protesting against tuition fees on Sunday and Monday but was rebuffed – as the number of those present at the gates of the Ministry of Education in Tirana began to fall.

Albania had a long weekend this week in honour of 8 December, the day when student protesters in 1991 began to topple the country’s now hated communist regime.

However, Rama was not on holiday but at his office on Sunday and Monday, vainly calling for dialogue.

Students protesting in Tirana in this photo of 9 December 2018. The placard reads: We pay high prices to end up working as waiters.

“This is a golden moment to build a government in collaboration with the students,” Rama said in a video-message on Facebook on Sunday.

“The government cannot let this encouraging moment for change slip,” he added.

The For the University Movement, a leftwing student group, refused the invitation, however. “You are part of the problem, not the solution,” they said.

Rama also left open the possibility of compromise, saying he was ready to discuss higher tax transfers from state budget – and lower tuition fees. “Our joint aims cannot be reached through ultimatums,” he declared, hopefully.

The For the University Movement has been protesting against Rama’s reforms to higher education for the last five years, claiming that a new law, approved in 2014, erodes university autonomy.

Students protesting in Tirana on 8 December 2018. The placards reads: „The Education that We Do not Want“ and „We do want books not Google-translated“. Photo: Ivana Dervishi/BIRN

It has denounced moves to increase fees as a way to make universities more economically sustainable.

However, the University Movement appears to be losing control over the protests.

On Monday, a smaller crowd appeared at the gates of the Ministry of Education, while media close to the opposition centre-right Democratic Party attacked the Movement, calling them communists.

The latest protests started last Tuesday, when students at the Faculty of Architecture in Tirana received a notice to pay their annual fees in advance before 15 December because the faculty had incurred high expenses while trying to renovate the premises.

Angered by the notice, the students boycotted lessons and marched toward the Ministry of Education.

A student protesting in Tirana on 9 December 2018. The placard reads: „We end up incompetent medics“. Photo: Ivana Dervishi/BIRN

Students from other departments soon joined in and, two days later, students from universities across the country burst onto the streets.

In several other universities, in Korca, Shkodra and Gjirokastra, fees are not a particular concern and life is less expensive for students. However, they still joined the protests out of solidarity.

The rallies seemed also to attract the sympathy of some college professors and a wide section of the population.

When marching students temporarily blocked Tirana’s main boulevard on Saturday, TV footage showed that not all the drivers were annoyed. Some drivers even got out of their cars and hailed the protesters.

Tuition fees are not particularly high in Albania and the student protest appears to be channeling a wider anger against Prime Minister Rama, now in his fifth year in post.

Protest. Photo: BIRN

But some of the students with whom BIRN spoke during the protest told stories of poverty and real struggle.

Edison Lika, 20, a student of Political Sciences in Tirana, said he had paid for his tuition fees by working during the summer as a welder in Kacanik, in Kosovo, where the US-based contractor Bechtel is building a highway from the Kosovo capital, Pristina, to the Macedonian border.

“We had to work up to 6pm in the evening and I had one day off in two weeks,” Lika told BIRN on the sidelines of a student protest held in Tirana city centre.

“During the weekends I work as salesman in a shop,” he added.

Edison used the money he earned in Kosovo to cover his tuition fee of 40,000 leks [320 euros] a year and other expenditures related to his education.

Next year, when he expects to start his master degree studies, his fee will rise to 80,000 leks.

His family is in no position to help him. His father lost his job as miner in the chromium industry back in 1997, one year before Edison was born.

His father’s pension of 120 euros a month, paid by the government to jobless miners, is the only income that the family currently receives.

One of his friends also protesting on the streets said he had paid for his tuition fee by working during the summer months in tourism.

“I can earn as much as 80,000 leks in a two-month season, but life here in Tirana is expensive,” he noted.

He refused to be quoted by name because his father, the breadwinner of the family, works in the public administration and might face repercussions if his son was seen protesting against the government.

“I have worked as waiter since I was 13,” he said with a degree of pride.

Liri Kuci, a leftwing activist, blamed Rama’s own economic management for the difficulties, criticizing also the latest wave of the so-called “concessionary agreements”, a much-debated government program that has awarded several billion euros in contracts to a few companies in exchange for public works that some doubt will bring any benefits.

“They have become rich at the expense of our parents who survive on salaries of 20,000 leks a month,” she said last Friday to an exalted crowd of protesters.

“They want to rob us with concessions, tariffs, taxes and are inventing all kinds of stuff, to steal more,” she added.

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Die grössten Idioten in Tirana:

Die EU Ratten: Sylvain Gamber, Romana Vlahutin, Andi Dobrus

3 Mal, hoch Kriminelle als angebliche Justiz Experten, wo Millionen verschwanden.

Gerti Shalla (Georg Soros), Jan Rudolph, Marcus Johnson (USAID)

  • und vor allemGenoveva Ruiz Calavera, im enormen Interessen Konflikt, wie eine „Nghradeta“ Organisation aufgebaut
  •  Independent Observation Mission (ONM) mit illegalem Selbst Bedienungs Management Board was Verfassungs widrig ist.

n Albanien, sollten eine Hirnlose NGO Truppe die Justiz übernehmen, was praktisch von den EU Banden gefördert wird.
Andere Super Idioten der EU im Betrugs Imperium der EU.
Lachkrampf über diesen Idioten, mit seinem Dumm Geschwätz in Tirana, was man in der TV Aufnahme schnell erkennt.

Sylvain Gamber (political chief of EU delegation) für die Justiz Reform zuständig, wo selbst die Nachbarn lachten, über soviel Dumm Geschwafel.


Eine Einheit: die Drogen Kartelle der EU und Albanischen Politiker

** Erneut Ilir Meta Partner, Financier:

Drogen Geldwäsche Medien Mogul: Ylli Ndroqi, „ORA“ News mit dem Türkischen Drogen Boss: Xhemail Pasmaciu
y3Hochzeit Spektakel als der Sohn des Medien Moguls: Ylli Ndroqi heiratetTrafikanti i drogës Xhemail Pasmaçiu, pronar televizioni në Shqipëri?!/Raporti i mediave turke për arrestimin

Ylli Ndroqi, Ilir Meta,





7 Gedanken zu „PD produzierte Studenten Demonstrationen in Tirana, Durres“

  1. EU finanziert die selben Idioten Unis in Mazedonien, die Studenten haben genug

    Nicht nur in Tirana haben die Studenten gefüllte Quadrate in Tetovo
    19, Dezember 2018

    Studenten der Universität von Tetovo, die sie auf mehrere Gruppen von Studenten der Universität „Mutter Teresa“ in Skopje und Südosteuropa-Universität in Tetovo gebunden sind, durch Protest hat ihre Unzufriedenheit mit der Situation in der Hochschulbildung in albanischer Sprache in Mazedonien ausgedrückt .


    Studenten während der Parade auf den Straßen von Tetovo hielten Banner, die lesen: „Stop Korruption“, „Wir wollen Gerechtigkeit“, „vereint Studenten verdienen“, „Out of politischen Parteien, Nepotismus down“. Studenten Marsch protestieren vor dem Gebäude Tetovo-Universität beendet, da sie in die UT der Werft von der Polizei nicht erlaubt Eintritt wurden.

    Gefällt mir

  2. die Demonstrationen der DP Kriminellen, geht weiter, wo Klevis Balliu, Sohn eines Dumm Gangsters von Salih Berisha auftritt

    VIDEO/ Protesta te “Astir”-i, deputeti Balliu: Po soset durimi, PD mbështet çdo vendimmarrje të banorëve

    VIDEO/ Protesta te “Astir”-i, deputeti Balliu: Po soset durimi, PD mbështet çdo vendimmarrje të banorëve
    20:15, 02/01/2019

    Në mbështetje të protestës së banorëve të “Astir”-it, ka qenë sot sërish, edhe deputeti demokrat, Klevis Balliu.

    “Tashmë po soset durimi i banorëve.
    Lexo edhe:
    Një pyetje dhe tre pikëpyetje që ‘i zënë frymën’ Edi Ramës

    Nëse qeveria nuk ndalet atëherë protesta e banorëve të Astirit dhe të gjithë atyre që i mbështesin do të përshkallëzohet”, u shpreh deputeti Balliu.

    Ai deklaroi se Partia Demokratike do të mbështesë çdo vendimmarrje të banorëve të “Astir”-it, kur u pyet lidhur me paralajmërimin e tyre për ngritjen e një çadre dhe futjen në grevë urie.


    Gefällt mir

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